Bob main strength and mental strength levels at level 40

Discussion in 'GT5 B-Spec' started by brownmansupra, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. brownmansupra


    I recently reached bspec level 40. As did my driver. I am a little confused on one thing though. In gt life, if I click on the main screen to see all my drivers and all of their strength, mental strength and speed, shouldn't my driver with level 40 have all these bars filled?

    They are close, but they aren't all the way filled.

    I know that when my bob gets closer to a filled experience bar, he will start to lose strength and mental strength. But I've only done 230 races. Not even halfway!

    Do I just keep racing bob? Or has his peak already passed?
  2. freight48

    freight48 Premium

    He's got to do roughly 500 races to fill the bar and get the 'Air of Experience' trophy.
  3. brownmansupra


    I understand this. But he needs to have full experience in order to have full strength, mental strength and speed bars? I thought they were suppose to decrease the closer bob got to a filled experience bar
  4. tatfa


    I have had many Bobs and have never had 1 have a full bar on everything. The bars tend to decline before they reach 100%. The "Class" bar keeps filling up but the "speed bar etc" decline it is normal i think. Otherwise every Bob would be a 100% perfect race car driver which does not refelect reality. So i now keep my highest Bob and make a new one until it is level 30ish i then delete my old one. You only need 1 Bob anyway even for 24 hour races, B-Spec has lots of flaws where Bobs are concerned.
  5. Anghammarad

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    500! Thats harsh. None of my bobs (levels 38-39) have done more than 125 races. I guess I'll never get the air of experience then since I'll most likely never do b spec again after tomorrow when I reach level 40.