Bongo's Racetracks

Discussion in 'GT6 Course Maker Showcase' started by BongoFury, Oct 11, 2015.

  1. BongoFury


    Since I have a new strategie building my tracks I guess i made some of the best tracks youll find out there. :tup:

    Those following two tracks are really ready to race: (the Hillclimb is only a joke, even when people like it, I don't)
    What makes it so good?
    • "Natural" changing of the angles within bends and curves
    • Elevation changes are always driveable
    • No stupid blind turns
    • No too long straights
    • Complete Decoration
    • Curbs where you need it
    • Always driveable, always challenging!
    Just give it a go and check out my work, I need some feedback to make it even better.


    (PSN BongoFury23)