bound/rebound setting?

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  1. RB26DETT


    how do you tune the settings for the bound/rebound?
    how does it affect the car and what does it do?
    this is the only thing i don't know how to tune properly?
    i've heard equal or half for the bound compared to the spring rate and a third or twice for the rebound.:confused:
  2. Cobraking

    Cobraking (Banned)

    i have no clue.. and since i dont i dont ever change it :D
    and welcome to GTP
  3. waynedaman


    i know that i turn up the rebound just a bit, cuz it seems to absorb the bumps easier
  4. Pupik

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    Here's what I use for help; although I usually set them all at 5/5 and 5/5 and work from there, or just leave them stock.

    Damper Bound/Rebound
    This is probably one of the most useful setting for tuning your car. You can control almost all balance, oversteer, understeer, or any other quirks from here. Let it be known that the following info was taken from a post by "Exit Speed" (Thank You soooooo Much) in the Settings Workshop Forum. Also with these, like springs, you’ll want to make them stiffer for flat tracks and softer for bumpy ones. Though I’d mess with the springs first to correct bounce and contact. Remember: Bound = Shock going up / Rebound = Shock coming back down.
    Loose into turns
    Soften Rear Rebound / Stiffen Front Bound
    Loose out of turns (Increase oversteer when throttle is released in mid-corner)
    Soften Front Rebound / Stiffen Rear Bound
    Push into turns
    Stiffen Rear Rebound / Soften Front Bound
    Push out of turns
    Stiffen Front Rebound / Soften Rear Bound
  5. Korndawg


    or if you want better plain out drag racing grip, on a rear drive car make it all the way soft