Brake Gamma with G25 pedals on PC

  • Thread starter Shane0001
I'm really struggling with my brake pedal setup on ACC :(

I have a G25 with the GT Eye brake spring upgrade. On AC and PC2 I was able to adjust brake gamma and get a very good brake pedal feel, both for threshold and progressive braking.

On ACC, the brake gamma setting doesn't seem to do anything? If I set it on 1 or set it on 5, there is no noticeable difference. The only thing I can do is adjust the maximum pedal setting. If I set this to 100 I get very good threshold braking for those hard braking zones at the end of long straights, but progressive braking in those slower mid gear corners where you don't need full brake and need to carry it through the corner is hopeless, brakes are mostly on or off with this setting no matter the amount of pedal. If I have it set at default 0, progressive braking is good but threshold braking performance is poor, I have to brake a good 20-50m earlier to pull up for the corner.

Currently I have it set to 20 which is about the best compromise point I can find, but it's just not the same as being able to adjust the brake gamma setting the same as I could in AC.

Does anyone know why brake gamma wouldn't be working for me in ACC? Is there a setting I can change in one of the ini files to have the same effect?

Thanks in advance for your help :)