broadcast mode & music rally broke my game

Alright, Now that i got youre attention let me tell you a story lol.

so on the 18th (my bday) i bought GT7, my first new game purchase in about 6 years (were i actually paid full price and didn't wait for it go on sale)
Loaded the game, decided to buy some coins so i could start off with a better car. Got to the point i unlocked multiplayer etc.
I had gone through the settings and turned broadcast mode on as im a streamer, and anything that helps me not get a copy right strike is okay with me. or so i thought.

finished up playing after about 6 hours, logged off. Came back on abit later to find I immediately loaded into music rally, tried doing one of the races to see "Fail, This song cannot be played while in broadcast mode" and it does that for all the songs most of which have a lock symbol anyways.
ive been in contact with psn support and after trying anything they could think of it was said to "wait till they issue an update to fix it" when asked for a way to contact devs about the issue i was given the general gt7 website with no way to contact about game issues.

so now my game is quite literally bricked.
so a $80.00 virtual paper weight

sony had me factory reset my console (ps4 pro)
rebuild the database etc. anyone here know if there is a way to contact devs about this. Thanks


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Did you ever get a fix for this problem. Mine is doing the same thing. Can’t even get to the game. Seems like nobody is addressing this problem.
delete your saves, disable internet, complete first rally and in world map after intro restore connection and connect with your account
I just got to this race after owning the game from day one. There must be a easy way to run the last race. I don’t stream anything.

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