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    A GT6 based story writing.
    Author: SomePlayaDude
    Yes there is a music link on the banner.

    The 'New SPD Fiction Writing Disclaimer'! Feel free to copy to your stories. BUT PLEASE READ!

    - Anything breaking the "Terms of Service & Acceptable Use Policy" with the subtle exceptions of the language rule (the story contains a varied, international cast), and the textspeak rule (one character uses this) MUST be directed to me. Getting banned is not what anyone really wants.

    - This is a free project, not made to promote, sponsor, or monetize anything in particular. The use of the word "fiction" emphasizes that it is not referring, misusing and insulting to any real life entity unless specified.

    - The use of any outside material is credited to the respective owners (especially Dire Straits, which I've taken their album as the story's namesake).

    - I will make feedback my first priority to consider future content, be it abhorrently bad or amazingly good. But changes within the fiction will only happen by my word, and if it seems to sound right or serves a much better purpose.

    - If you want to just give me a pat on the back, give the page a 'like'. I don't want to come back to see something small. Also, there will be a secret code in each page. It will vary on what it is, and is needed so I know you read the whole print.

    - I am not competing. What i write is what i judge as the best i can, and that doesn't mean it's viewed better than others.

    - If anything, from content to layout, is taken from my work (such as maybe this disclaimer), please credit me or mention me at the least. It's to tell me if i can help others in the slightest, then i will be more open in the future.

    - This story is made to be read on a decent computer connected to the internet, not a tablet device due to the possible amounts of memory a picture can take up, and music links.

    - The intended rating is PG-13, with swearing, adult references and others. Take care when clicking music links; they may be NSFW, and I don't care to check.

    - While made for newer readers, feel free to look around for my older work for deeper meaning in references.


    - I'm not going to hesitate calling an admin if what negative thoughts shared are in the lines of abuse. I know the differences between bullying and harsh feedback, and please back up your thoughts. DO NOT SEND ME OR ANYONE A PM; LET EVERYONE KNOW WHAT I DID WRONG AND LET THEM JUDGE TOO.

    - My stance of the story's content is to intrigue and keep everyone guessing, as an attempt to rid of the braindead ideology present in most writing (NOT HERE, YOU GUYS ARE GREAT). But let me know if something still doesn't add up or is unclear.

    - Remember that this is a story. A story that mimics real life events and references them with whatever scenario is provided. The placement in the GT6 race reports section is due to me trying to be creative and informative playing GT6.

    - Feel free to share around the writing, be it out or in GTPlanet. But do credit me, and don't blame me if you get warned doing that. More readers is more opportunity for better things.

    And the most important of all:

    :) :) Have fun, and enjoy! :) :)


    "An extremely poised figure in the racing world, Sonny Meng is both Singapore and America's premier racing celebrity. But behind this façade is more than your average Los Angeles petrolhead poster boy."

    What's happening now, SPD?

    Just created the thread!
    Part 1, and my renewed resolve in GT6 Race Reports will be coming when my internet decides not to rip itself apart, alongside inserting pictures and last second honing. But really, I need some sleep.
    21st May, 6:45 PM GMT.

    Walk Of Life - Part 1 is released.
    Introducing Sonny's setting, some of the cast, and a slight twist for older readers of mine.
    22nd May, 7:00 AM GMT.

    Walk Of Life - Part 2 is released.
    Featuring a song by The Dandy Warhols, Sonny's lackluster singing skills are made up by his small roster in his garage.
    24th May, 1:00 PM GMT.

    Walk Of Life - Part 3 is released. Walk Of Life is completed!
    Getting paid by the state government to open up a new road, our lead meets someone who's not too happy to meet him.
    28th May, 3:15 AM GMT.

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    "In the racing world, there's no such thing as a bigger cliche figure to idolize than racing celebrity Sonny. People chant his name like he's the next big thing, and he's committed to be so."

    Compounded by a Singaporean father and American mother, this so called "badass" (give or take 1%, as he likes to rub it by) took aside his studies and pursued the great wild race tracks. Improving his skills on about most major disciplines, he's proven his status far and beyond, and thus inflates that hateful ego *shudders*.

    These traits bring him to rival lesser celebrities' fame, especially ones living in California.

    But with past challenges involving license fraud, racism, the origins of his skills of speed, and his involvement in the underground street racing scene, Sonny soon learns that problems are inevitable, and are to be faced when on the rise. These states cement his infamously overused "one step ahead" ideal.

    Ghosts of the past may still haunt him, but he's always deep in other things I've yet to touch on. Living in a penthouse in Burbank, California, Sonny always seem to think life is just too easy, and he's much a daredevil.

    If his creed is true to be believed, he's going to watch out: a badass can especially lure in trouble.

    INTERESTING FACTS: Sonny may be a charismatic sonofagun, but he's actually timid within. He acts the tough, and probably, we may see that embraced in his heart soon. Also, despite his charisma again, he's not married, and his dad is really pushing him.

    You knew this was coming.

    Sonny's high rise penthouse
    Burbank, California, USA.
    8:00 am.

    "So.. been a while that this happened."

    "A while, huh?"

    "Yes! A while. And not just about anything. Pretty darn important :censored:."

    "Wait. What the- you put something down there?!"

    "Calm down.. it's not from where you're thinking.."

    "Sonny.. it better be not for me.."



    Sonny: "Look again! The second time a magazine's put Sonny up front. Badass!"

    ???: "Well.. whaddaya know? Had my heart beating for nothing."

    Sonny: "You should stop being so insecure, Kirk. A little fame won't kill you."

    "Most, if not all, celebrities are dumbasses, and make stupid decisions. It'd be people like Kirk that keep them at bay. He's an odd one.. somewhat playing duds if it helps his insecurity."

    The shy, silent person with a background kept that way as well.

    Kirk's experience with a spanner, a bike, and enough common sense got him the attention of his current superior slash best friend.

    Wherever he got that round of logic, Kirk uses it to make sure that people like Sonny keep away from the cesspool that would make him look bad in the public. The man's patience exceeds that of a priest it seems.

    He won't hide forever. Just he wait.

    INTERESTING FACTS: The only thing i can get on Kirk is that he is directly related with a codename: SomePlayaDude. Whatever that's supposed to mean..

    Opening with two men sitting on a table having breakfast, Sonny shows the copy of a racing magazine, with his image at the front.

    Sonny: "Look at the opening: 'An already popular star in the racing world, Sonny Meng's ego, personality, and all around image serves as a breath of fresh air'. Hmm.. what's your take on that?"

    Kirk: "Not biasing, but I know you like making yourself look good."

    Sonny: "Looking good is what i want, but a healthy opinion from others can make it look especially better, lah."

    Kirk: "Right.. hand me the pages, and I'm a read em to ya."

    Despite food in thought, Kirk wouldn't mind helping his good friend erase some doubts.

    Kirk: "Lemme get this out. *clears throat* For our Racer of The Month, Sonny Meng stands out as what appears to be the people's champion alongside ours. Very few pose as a threat to his status quota as he lives high, gives high, and thinks too high."

    Sonny: "Geez, it sounded like we paid off the writer."

    Kirk: "I'd read the rest of that, but.. i kind of like you too.. not in a homosexual way that is!"

    Sonny: "Kind of makes our opinions to me null and void."

    Kirk: "Exact-a-mundo."

    Sonny: "Well.. okay, lah, fair enough. There's a few more people that I'd ask. Go and finish your breakfast. Lemme call in the lady."

    "The devotee: one that wouldn't mind making someone else's life easier while disregarding her own, especially if he's nice. A sweet talker who once been into grifting."

    Born an all American in New York, Andrea possesses no redeeming qualities in life, causing her to drop school in her adolescent age. The only thing she had to bring her family up was her silver tongue. Her ability to persuade allowed her into some really dangerous aspects of American life.

    Flying closer and closer to the sun, it seems like her life might close with that underground bounty of hers laying about. Luckily enough, she sweet talked her way to study in the West Coast, where Sonny took her in after managing to earn her diploma in hospitality there.

    By chance, she seemed to adore Sonny. In a really squeamish fan-girlish way. Don't worry: she's calmed now.

    INTERESTING FACTS: As much as she is hospitable, Andrea is a kleptomaniac, and a hard bargainer. Too bad Sonny always gets past that shield, since she's a real fan of him..

    Choosing to wait, Sonny's need for his maid is like a psychic connection, only that it isn't.

    Andrea: "Here the second you need me!"

    Sonny: "Well, no :censored:, genius. Clean up duty. By the way, what are you up to before now?"

    Andrea: "Honestly, nothing I'd like to note."

    Sonny: "Really?"

    Andrea: "Really."

    Sonny: "Really really?"

    Andrea: "Hey! I know where this is going. You're going to keep repeating that, aren't you?"

    Sonny: "Reall.. i mean.. ermm.."

    Andrea: "You're a joker. But if it makes us both happy, I'll confess: i was cleaning HIS toilet."

    Sonny: "His?"

    Andrea: "Smells like an unhealthy dose of beverage out the mouth. PHEEEEW!"

    Kirk looked up to see the other two slowly stare up to him.

    Kirk: "To my defense.. it was our biker's night out at the bar. You know how me and Crank's got that iron gut to compete.."

    Sonny: "You ah. I can never understand having a drink, let alone compete."

    Andrea: "Manners like that are probably why you're on that magazine cover."

    Sonny: "And luckily enough not him."

    Plays for 20 seconds.


    A feature Gran Turismo 6 based story..

    With a review of SPD's content, policy and characters.



    Part 1:

    9:00 am.

    To begin today's formalities, Sonny sits on a living chair, with eyes on his phone. The amounts of things he sees through that device proves his "one step ahead" motto isn't for show most of the time.

    Minutes pass, and someone else walks in with something to say to his buddy.

    Kirk: "Well, the Ghosts are on standby."

    Sonny: "Yeah?"

    "With the death of Miranda Dunn, Sonny's late American mother, she left behind the people she considered her second family. And Sonny is no forsaker."

    Comprising of only 4 before Kirk, these lackeys show a playful, yet utmost respect to their rich, providing and cocktastic boss.

    Firstly, a pair of twins. One short, dim-witted one nicknamed Skull, for looking a lot like the character Scorpion of Mortal Kombat fame, and his somewhat all brute, no brain brother: Raw.

    Then, a real handyman, now in his supposed retirement days, called Crank-Shaft, and his apprentice slash nephew named Hawt-Rod.

    Aside from being the typical biker criminal guys taking advantage of their leader's wealth, they also serve as Sonny's personal tuning group. They know what to change to serve their master's desire of what he wants in a car.

    One thing they have in common: the loving memory of Miranda Dunn. Sonny should've realized that he has a lot to do to bring these boys to succeed his mother, rather than enslave them as it is. Good thing for Kirk, right?

    INTERESTING FACTS: They're just like Sonny: all they do is talk much, but little show.

    Kirk: "You sound particularly annoyed."

    Sonny: "It's because you keep telling me that they're ready. Ghosts are on the scene, Ghosts deployed, blah blah. I'm too comfortable knowing they have my back."

    Kirk: "These are our boys, and we have a promise to make. As team secretary, I check on their asses at least once a day, and I ain't got no better time."

    Sonny: "Team secretary, he he he.. But don't get me wrong! You're doing a fine job, but how about you tell me if there's a problem instead. If I'm going to be one step ahead of you, this is probably what you want to expect."

    Kirk: "Actually, that's a sound idea. But it'll take me some time to implement, if that's okay."

    Sonny: "Good to hear."

    What offensive tone Sonny adapts is from his past; the past where he was often berated due to his racial superiority, as he likes to put it.

    Kirk: "Another quiet day?"

    Sonny: "You'd like that, would you, Tubby?"

    Kirk: "(Still on to that Tubby bull:censored:?) Just me being me.. maybe spend some time doing my own things. Particularly more practice in some of them fighting games. That sort of thing."

    Sonny: "Sorry I have to break it to you.. but we have a brand new interstate to open."

    Kirk: "Really?"

    Sonny: "You have a problem with making history?"

    Kirk: "Nah, it's me. Just realized that's today? Man, time does travel when i don't realize."

    Sonny: "Or if you're playing too much video games. Yes, time can do these sort of things lah. Don't make me curfew that Wii U now."

    Kirk: "With making history at the ready, the Ghosts should come over."

    Sonny: "That would be nice. Kill two birds with one stone, if that's how it goes."

    Kirk: "Hold on.. we got ourselves another thing?"

    Sonny: "Didn't you remember? Andrea's getting a partner in the crime for grime."

    Kirk: "But, but.."

    Sonny: "No 'buts', Kirk. Besides, I really didn't have a choice on this."

    Kirk: "Really? But aren't you Sonny mother:censored:ing Meng, son?"

    Sonny: "That i am, but I'm not a god, nor anyone in power regarding how the world works. I'm just a regular guy. *sigh*."

    Kirk: "Now, now.. don't go slapping yourself down now. You have an ego to uphold, and the public loves you. You better tell me you have discussed this with Drea?"

    Sonny: "Andrea's a sweetie. She's fine."

    Kirk: "Then I say we give a warm welcome to this one. Let's have the Ghosts welcome this.."

    Sonny: "Girl."

    Kirk: "This lady into our lives and we're not gonna make she regret this day."

    Sonny: "That I like to hear! She's coming by plane, and I'll do the honors. And when we do our shindig back here, promise me that you won't let Skull do anything to her, alright?"

    Kirk: "And why's that?"

    Sonny: "Guys like him are why she's who she is."


    9:30 am.

    And with things to deal with, Sonny leaves his apartment in the way he does it often.


    Stielow Engineering Red Devil.
    New Hotness
    600 PP, 766 HP, 1466 KG

    With a red light appearing, our lead takes his time to see when the flight carrying his target lands.


    Out Of The Cradle
    Vapor Trails
    Intended Length: Full song with lyrics.

    Sonny: "Lands at 12 pm? *groans* What now? Should i have some of that good old fashioned L.A. sun?"


    Sonny: "WHY THE HELL NOT?!"

    *green light*


    ♪ It's not a place; It's a yearning.
    It's not a race; It's a journey. ♪



    A local basketball court.
    10:05 am.

    ♪ It's not an act;
    It's attraction! ♪

    Baller: "Hahaha! You blocked, M!"

    Sonny: "It ain't over, buddy. I still have my secret weapon."

    Baller: "And what's that?"

    ♪ It's not a style;
    It's an action! ♪

    Sonny: "You see.. basketball in South East Asia is a lot more different in terms of playstyle."

    Baller: "And why's that, dog?"

    Sonny: "We're not as tall, but.."


    Baller: ":censored:er!"

    ♪ It's a dream, for the waking.
    It's a flower touched by flame. ♪

    Baller: "Good layover, Son. That's game."

    Sonny: "Yeah. Good workout. Gotta stay fit for my racing, ah."

    Baller: "So, what's with Asian B-ball?"

    Sonny: "Simply: imagine nearly all team of tiny speedsters, playing speedy street ball in the pro league. Thought a game with me would have tell you that."

    ♪ It's a gift, for the giving.
    It's a power with a hundred naa~ames! ♪

    Sonny: "Keep that in mind, you bigguns.."



    Surge of energy~, spark of inspiration.
    The breath of love is electricity.


    Maybe tiimee, is a bird in flight.
    Endlessly mocking!


    ♪ Here we coome~ out of the cradle..
    Endlessly rocking!
    Endlessly rocking! ♪

    10:40 am.

    Sonny: "So, when do you think good old me is getting on the Walk?"

    Guard: "For what? Acting? You're much too fresh to even touch this walk with a 10 foot pole."

    ♪ It's a hand that rocks the cradle.
    It's a motion, that swings the sky. ♪

    Sonny: "Oh, but how about you look at me. Don't you think I'm the next big hit, hmm?"

    *imaginary explosion*

    Guard: "Uhh.. *shakes head* Go home, Sonny, you're drunk!"


    "My purse! Help! Thief! That man stole my purse!"

    Sonny: "Well that's convenient. Now if you excuse me.."

    *gets into a crouching position, then starts running*

    Guard: "Oh, you are gladly excused. *to radio* All nearby units, we have a snatch and grab heading.. northbound from the Walk Of Fame."

    ♪ It's method on the edge of madness.
    It's a balance on the edge of a knife. ♪

    Thief: "What the.. *huff*"

    Sonny: "You should've never *huff* gotten outta bed, bad boy!"

    ♪ It's a smile on the edge of sadness.
    It's a dance on the edge of life! ♪

    Thief: "How is that *huff* guy *huff* still behind me?!"

    Sonny: "Tsk tsk."

    Surge of energy~, spark of inspiration.
    The breath of love is electricity.

    Sonny: "Tackle time!"



    Sonny: "First down!"

    ♪ Here we coome~ out of the cradle..
    Endlessly rocking!
    Endlessly rocking! ♪


    *whistles while sitting on thief's back*

    Thief: "Get off of me, you pompous.."

    Sonny: "Officers! And bag lady. After an unneeded 20 blocks of running.. Here you go."

    Lady: "Oh thank you so much!"

    Sonny: "Welcome. I guess I won't be needing the Walk Of Fame to confirm how awesome I am."





    An indoor parking lot.
    11:45 am.

    ♪ Surge of energy~, spark of inspiration.
    The breath of love is electricity.
    Maybe tiimee, is a bird in flight.
    Endlessly mocking! ♪

    Bypasser 1: "Hey hey. Look at this."

    Bypasser 2: "Yeah?"


    Bypasser 1: "A Ferrari Italia. Heh."

    Bypasser 2: "You like the car?"

    Bypasser 1: "Nothing like wanting a camera shot. Wanna help?"

    Bypasser 2: "Get real. I'm waiting for a real car!"

    ♪ Here we coome~ out of the cradle..
    Endlessly rocking!

    Endlesslyy rockiii~iing! ♪


    Bypasser 1: "Whazzat?"

    Bypasser 2: "Is that a 69' Camaro? But that's a Corvette's roar!"


    ♪ Endlessly rocking.
    Endlessly rocking. ♪

    Bypasser 1: "Wow. It looks so mint."


    Bypasser 2: "Must be a remake. So much for real ca-"

    *exits car*

    Bypasser 1: "Hey, I think I know that guy."

    Bypasser 2: "You do?"

    ♪ Endlesslyy rockiii~iing!
    Endlessly rocking. (x6) ♪

    Bypasser 1: "Correct me if you're not.. Sonny?"

    Sonny: "What's up?"

    Bypasser 1: ":censored:, it's a real celebrity. Ehh.. we like your Camaro."

    Sonny: "Thanks, but now I got no time for more bullcrap lah. And stop calling me a celebrity."

    Bypasser 2: "Can I ask if your car's a fake?"

    Bypasser 1: "Dude!"

    Sonny: "Heh.. is that what everyone thinks? Lemme tell you that baby of mine was born a Z/28. And why would I lie? *teeth shines*"

    Bypasser 2: "Holy!"

    Bypasser 1: "Wow!"

    Sonny: "Watch the paint, amigos. I'm out."

    Bypasser 2: "Quick, bro. Get us a picture of this one!"

    Bypasser 1: "We gotta wait for a third guy to pass by in this airport parking lot!"


    LAX, Los Angeles, California.
    12:15 pm.

    Waiting at the arrival hall are diverse arrays of multiple nationalities, also ranging their reasons. From waiting, to working and more.

    Even though Sonny is pretty renowned for what he does for a living, he's given no special treatment in the boundaries in and out of the state of California. It's probably why he loves airports to begin with.

    Joining with the waiting, Sonny took out a small banner, with what looks like a black flag hoisting the Jolly Roger. Notable of it's pirate nature, people take notice.

    "What's he waiting for? Captain Blackbeard?"

    "Hey, dumbass! Talk like a pirate day's on September!"

    "Better look out for that guy with an eyepatch, y'know what I'm sayin.."

    This odd behavior has local security take action, sending a local officer to the spot.

    Policeman: "What's going on here?"

    Sonny: "Oh goody. A cop?"

    Policeman: "I have reports with your face on it.. Waitaminute. Hey! You're that guy I once saw on Fox Sports Racing. The Asian look.. you're Sonny Meng, is it?"

    Sonny: "It's Meh-ng."

    Policeman: "But dialects aside, it's really you?"

    Sonny: "Yeah it's me. (ONCE saw on TV and recognizes me? Damn, I'm good.)"

    While from the eyes of the policeman, Sonny looked like he walked away from an explosion, but he moved back to reality shortly after.

    Policeman: "Hah. It's not very often i see celebs i actually want to meet."

    Sonny: "I'm kind of flattered, but.."

    Policeman: "You're not causing any trouble on my watch, are you? This Jolly Roger looks like something out of a pranking TV show."

    Sonny: "Hey, you can trust me, lah. I mean, if i ever get arrested for some act of terror, then kiss my social life goodbye."

    Policeman: "Truer words are never spoken."

    Sonny: "You satisfied yet, Officer?"

    Policeman: "Not yet, cause i want you to hear me out for a bit."

    Sonny: "What's up, bro?"

    Policeman: "Well, rumor has it that some local paparazzi magazine are having a spy shooting here today. You look like a poor rabbit's gonna get shot, and we can help each other out."

    Sonny: "You su-"

    Policeman: "DUCK DAMN YOU!"

    The action of the cop has him elude the sight of Sonny from a few people with state of the art cameras.

    Policeman: "Sorry that I didn't give you a proper warning."

    Sonny: "Saved my ass at least. But where that bit of infol come by?"

    Policeman: "Got a daughter. She's pretty into this whole celebrity thing, and especially paparazzi."

    Sonny: "That's not surprising around this part of the US. How old is she?"

    Policeman: "14. Going to be 15 tomorrow."

    Sonny: "I see.. tell you what: can you temporarily put that guy in holding for rules against respecting privacy? Or just about any bull:censored: you can think out."

    Policeman: "I can do that, if you're going to make it up for me."

    Sonny: "Hah. You crook. How's.. my autograph? Give your little one something to cherish, hmm?"

    Policeman: "Deal."

    Sonny: "Good to see a non negotiable deal done so quick. Now get me a birthday card or a poster of Chuck Norris, I dunno! Anything!"



    Sonny: "Alone at last."

    And on cue time, the person Sonny waits for arrives.

    Identified as a civil woman, her normal manner is interfered when she suddenly walks forward fast, and then droops forward into Sonny's clutches, putting them both on the ground.

    Everyone took it the other way, however, and started treating it as a tear jerking reunion.

    Sonny: "Hey! Hey! Hey! Watch the belt!"

    ???: "At last!"

    Sonny: "Ginnie! Cut it out! (With that performance, how did she manage her way here?)"

    "Her death sent relief to the human race. But in truth: this futuristic, semi prosthetic killing machine skulks in hiding. What does she want with living like a real human being, though?"

    Never desert a family with a child possessing a bloodlust.

    Why she's called the Assassin has everything to do with what she can do. Taking down the tyrannical leader of a small nation is just a badge on her list of achievements. Alongside a mastery in martial arts, she's armed to kill at any time. From a clip with a hidden knife, to having bombs in place of her teeth. It makes me wonder how she can get past security, too.

    To the world, she is a threat to humanity, and must be exterminated, which frankly, was her plan all along. She needed to fake her doom, while rescuing a client's sister along the way.

    Her recent exploits with a rich French family has forcibly move her to Sonny's side, across the Atlantic.

    INTERESTING FACTS: Ginoa is British accented for a French lady, and a strong feminist. She's also pretty easy to offend, despite her cool image.

    Ginoa: "To think I'll be needing your help. It's insulting in a sense."

    Sonny: "Insult? Hey! You know who you're talking to?"

    Ginoa: "It's a pity Clarkie didn't give you :censored: on what's going to happen, huh?"

    Sonny: "He's just trying to push my buttons, that Clark. But let's bring him out. Can you walk fine?"

    Ginoa: "Yeah, I'm good. Give or take a few more minutes."

    Sonny: "Should've told me you're no good with flights."

    Ginoa: "Perceptive, are you?"

    Sonny: "There's no rocket science in figuring that out. But where'd you get this crippling fear? Crash a plane or something, lah?"

    Ginoa: "You wouldn't believe me."

    Sonny: "And then I was going to ask about us living in a high rise building. That's hard to believe now that I know this."

    Ginoa: "Huh. I don't know. Might be a good start to fix that."

    Sonny: "Or we could go with ground rules. It's high time i get to know you."

    Ginoa: "Tell me the truth: was that time in Germany two years ago.."

    Sonny: "I can say it was fate, but really: a mint F40 was all it took."

    Ginoa: "And i gave you my civilian name."

    Sonny: "And that."

    *glass breaks*

    Ginoa: "YOU SHOULD BE DEAD!"

    Sonny: "Hey! Not so loud, Ginnie dear! Let's talk business in the car. Parked just close. Now.. where's your.."

    Ginoa: "Bag? I travel light."

    Sonny: "You okay with that? A teeny rucksack for a lady like you? Hey, I can get you some new duds.."

    Ginoa: "Nah. It's okay. Thanks for offering, Sonny."

    Sonny: "Hey, no prob, lovely."

    Ginoa: "What was that?"

    Sonny: "No. Nothing! Tak ada apa!"

    Ginoa: "Hmm.. tolol."

    Leaving Sonny behind, it took only 3 seconds for him to do what should kill him: look at a woman's behind discretely, then quoting to himself.

    Sonny: "Heyy.. she already speaks my language. That's hot."

    FIN Part 1/3

    Brief note: I've put most aside my stencils and layouts for something simpler and easier. :)
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  3. SomePlayaDude



    Part 2:

    On their way back, Sonny keeps the car on low revs to ensure conversation is possible.


    Sonny: "Say, you like to travel, yes?"

    Ginoa: "Yeah, i do. But on a plane, no."

    Sonny: "Planes are where it's at for travel nowadays. How'd you bear with that?"

    Ginoa: "Ermm.. i don't. Half the time i travel, i just tie myself to my seat, don the blanket and pass out, like that. Don't get me started on waking up."

    Imagining that scene, one can't help but laugh.

    Sonny: "Wow.. hmm, eh.."

    Ginoa: "If you're going to laugh, please do. You know how much I love it."

    Sonny: "You're not going to rip my neck or something, ah?"

    Ginoa: "Feeling somewhat weak to do that, for now."

    Sonny: "But you can and will kill me?"

    Ginoa: "Can, yes. Will, no."

    Sonny: "What's up?"


    Ginoa: "You have friends. But truthfully, Clarkie provided. He paid for your protection, because you know he cares, even though he treats you like :censored:."

    Sonny: "Learning that the hard way was the hard part. But I'm surprised. After all that Richelieu mess, he didn't bother to send me a bomb or something."

    Ginoa: "It was hard on us all. Even to Mir. We all suffered to a degree, and you chickened out."

    Sonny: "Really? Thought it was all funny."

    Ginoa: "Funny?!"

    Sonny: "To me. After what you did to the back of my head, I was all ':censored: this :censored:' and then sent me and the Ghosts straight home. So nothing really took me as caring."

    Ginoa: "I'm surprised."

    Sonny: "We get involved in international crime, and we shouldn't even be biker brothers anymore. So, I do care. For me and my boys' safety."

    Ginoa: "Hah. So, the day you meet your Mythic friends is the day you get a beating."

    Sonny: "And you will sit and watch Sonny get :censored:ed?"

    Ginoa: "Sure. All of them are funded to be on my safe list."


    Ginoa: "Tell me about this Camaro."

    Sonny: "This? She's a beauty, isn't she? Was with me since i was 10, but remade and overhauled twice and still running strong."

    Ginoa: "You flatter me."

    Sonny: "Is that so?"

    Ginoa: "Yeah. Most people at your level of wealth would treat a car like this as something to pick up dust."

    Sonny: "What's the point if you don't drive your vintage? Dumb people lah."

    Ginoa: "No things are meant to last forever."

    Sonny: "But dedication can get you somewhere."

    Ginoa: "True. Which brings me to your Ghosts."

    Sonny: "Them?"

    Ginoa: "Hey, I got to know what to expect. That, your apartment. And your 'Kirk'."

    Sonny: "Kirk?"


    Ginoa: "The Ghosts are no stranger on the criminal world. Kirk however, is. You're lucky i talk to Paul a lot just to get a name."

    Sonny: "About him.. he works behind the shadows. Try and try, and he acts like he's hiding from something."

    Ginoa: "Or someone."

    Sonny: "But i haven't gotten a confirmed suspicion. Maybe he really is that much of an introvert, lah."

    Ginoa: "You never talked to him about it?"

    Sonny: "No, but i want to keep his allegiances to me."

    Ginoa: "I'll shut up then. Pray he doesn't plot to do something against."

    Sonny: "We can trust him. Trust a man, and he'll trust back. You know those words.."

    Ginoa: "You look at a girl who spits at them."

    Sonny: "Bad childhood?"

    Ginoa: "What's it look like to you?"

    Sonny: "Right.."

    Ginoa: "So, about the Ghosts.. what can you tell me that's not on the rap sheet?"

    Sonny: "Well.. it's only 4 of them.. A pair of twins, and the other's an uncle and nephew.."

    Ginoa: "Hey! Time out! I said NOT on the rap sheet."

    Sonny: "*clears throat* Twins. One is Skull. Particularly because he wears a cloth mask of a skeleton a lot. Guy particularly tries to act cool, and corrects others. I like him, but don't get him angry. He's really good with guns, better with Wing Chun, and more so with butterfly knives"

    Ginoa: "I've seen a perverted slasher. The other?"

    Sonny: "Raw. Big guy with a big heart. He's a meaty hulk. Isn't afraid to ask too many questions. But he's overprotective. You see, there's this one time he brought a large sledgehammer when a deal went sour. You can say it's more than just the sight that got sour."

    Ginoa: "And a brute."

    Sonny: "It gets more out of place. The uncle calls himself Crank-Shaft. He's old, and it's easy to notice. But he's a permanent mid life crisis, so to say. Guy's playful for playing team father, but he's trying to perfect what he raises.."

    Ginoa: "There is more than one way to chisel a diamond."

    Sonny: "Yeah? That diamond is raising a kid to succeed him. We call him Hawt-Rod, and H A W T, not H O T. No idea why. He's also the serious one, and the youngest one."

    Ginoa: "Aside from the custom choppers you boys should have, what's in their repertoire of four wheels."

    Sonny: "They're bikers. But really lavish ones."

    Ginoa: "I want cars, handsome."


    Sonny: "Huh?"

    Ginoa: "Ermm.. just tell me, dammit!"

    Sonny: "A.. magenta Nova and a yellow Cuda."

    Ginoa: "All that funding and those?! You Americans have no taste."

    Sonny: "These 'Americans' pretty much impressed someone as scrawny as me."

    Ginoa: "What do you think they're up to?"

    Sonny: "Oh, I don't know.."


    Back at the penthouse..

    "The winner is... BOWSER!"

    Raw: "Hoh hoh hoh! Raw winner this time."

    Skull: "That turtle can kick! Kick!"

    Kirk: "Don't get me started on how damn powerful it is."

    Hawt-Rod: "How is someone like Raw even better than us?"

    Crank Shaft: "Dunno about you guys, but hey: I'm just too old for this :censored:"


    Sonny: "They can be up to anything with that brand new Wii U.."


    Ginoa: "Wait. Your hand isn't on the wheel; what are you doing?"

    Sonny: "Oh, just finding a use for this radio when there's a red light on road. This car is street legal, even if the Vette engine gives up too much horsepower for sending kids to school. But i have one important question for you."

    Ginoa: "That is?"

    Sonny: "Do you sing?"

    Ginoa: "Sing? You mean like in a karaoke box?"

    Sonny: "Well, no lyrics. But I'm feeling like The Dandy Warhols now. You know what I'm feeling? Think you can read Sonny's mind?"

    Ginoa: "If i said yes, would you accuse me of witchcraft?"

    Sonny: "I'd freak out, then burn you at the stake, provided my car running you over be that stake."

    Ginoa: "Obviously I think I'm going with 'no'. What's on your mind?"

    Sonny: "What else than.."

    Ginoa: "Bohemian Like You?"

    The Dandy Warhols
    Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia
    Intended Length: Full length, guided by karaoke.

    Sonny: "Oooohh.. so close. But so far."

    Ginoa: "Oh."

    Sonny: "But when i thought of you, i really think this is the perfect song. But I'll let music touch you."

    Ginoa: "Hmm?"


    ♪ "Hey, I said you were Godless then. It seems like you're a soulless friend. As thoughtless as you were back then, I swear that you are Godless." ♪


    ♪ "Hey, I guess you're lonely when.. I gave, you only took; So then.. It's stranger then its ever been. I guess it's what you wanted." ♪


    Ginoa: "What a band of interesting acoustic play."

    Sonny: "And how about my singing?"

    Ginoa: "You want honesty? Well, it sucks. Big time."

    Sonny: "Hey, I'm open to criticism, at least. *clears throat*"


    ♪ "Of laaate, it seeeems.. that lonely I will beee. I beg! I bleed, but this is all.. that I've gotten." ♪


    Sonny: "Red light again.. Ginnie! Why not sing along?"

    Ginoa: "Oh! Well.. I don't know the song, personally."

    Sonny: "Hey.."

    The Singaporean went for a pleasant caress her hands, without realize.

    Ginoa: "*gasp* :censored:ing :censored:! Back away, Sonny!"

    Sonny: "Huh?! Wha.. *thunk* Aiyaa!"

    With that said, the two had an unexpected pause, until.

    Ginoa: "Hey.. you hurt? For my creed, at least i didn't kill you."

    Sonny: "That's alright. Hss.. that was a woman slapping me, then why'd that feel like a metal bar??"

    Ginoa: "If it makes you feel better, i have the lyrics here."

    Sonny: "Lyrics? That's the CD case! How'd it end up there?"

    Ginoa: "You just bought this at the airport, didn't you? But enough talk. Let's suck singing together. Line by line, okay?"

    Sonny: "If it makes it less painful... okay.. and on due time too."


    ♪ "Hey, as for today, my friend.." ♪

    ♪ "To hope that you could ever bend." ♪

    ♪ "I swear you are, I swear you are." ♪

    ♪ "I swear that you are Godless..." ♪

    ♪ "Hey, I said you're Godless then." ♪

    ♪ "Hey, and you're a soulless friend." ♪

    ♪ "Hey, I said you're Godless." ♪

    ♪ "And I swear." ♪

    ♪ "I sweaaarrr.. You're Go-ood.. less.. You're Go-ood.. less.. Gooo-oo-oo... you're Godless." ♪


    Sonny: "Thanks for making me feel like toppling the world, Ginnie."

    Ginoa: "Hmmph."

    Sonny: "And let me say we sing pretty darned good."

    Ginoa: "From all the uneven tones and my lack of breath, you still really think so?"

    Sonny: "Oooh! You're hard to impress."

    Ginoa: "Assassination is an art you need to perfect to succeed."

    Sonny: "Oh, that's why it's relevant to sing along?"

    Ginoa: "I have an image to uphold, or had, at least. You race car drivers are different."

    Sonny: "Wait till you see me in an F1 car, Ginnie. Image is very much needed there."

    Ginoa: "By the way.. about grabbing my hand."

    Sonny: "Yeah.. that was all my bad. What got into me, lah.."

    Ginoa: "It's not rejection to an amorous reaction. You would've gotten quite a shock if you touched this green bracelet. Imagine how haywire your hair would've gone."

    Sonny: "And the car's state too.. :censored:! Thank gosh you bashed me."


    Sonny's basement garage.
    1:30 PM


    Sonny: "Here we are. Hey! Wake up, sleepy bird."

    Ginoa: "Quoi?"

    Sonny: "Forgive my intrusion to your jet lag, but welcome to the one and only Sonny's personal garage! Your first stop in my welcoming tour."

    Outside the car, a stretch was all she needed to get moving along the proud owner of these cars.

    Ginoa: "Cool. *yawn* The last time I was in a garage like this, it had much nicer cars."

    Sonny: "Oh? A visit during of your jobs? Do tell."

    Ginoa: "Typical evil rich guy. But it's a shame i had to bring all the cars to wrecktown."

    Sonny: "With that tone, I don't want to know what you blew up."

    Ginoa: "No lie, but there was a Ferrari in there *evil chuckle*."

    Sonny: "NOO! NO MORE! Have mercy!!"

    Only Ginoa witnesses Sonny breaking down to the floor this time.

    Ginoa: "Wow, what have I done? Sonny? Sonny? Hey! That car soon turned out to be MY F40, you dolt."

    And suddenly..

    Sonny: "Really? Erm, I mean: I knew that! *eyebrows raise repeatedly and teeth shines*"

    Ginoa: "Sometimes I don't even understand you.."

    Sonny: "I hear you loud and clear, you know."

    Ginoa: "Well, let's see if your measly grease army can impress me.."

    Sonny: "Sure!"


    Ferrari 288 GTO.
    528 PP, 413 HP, 1160 KG

    Ginoa: "Lookie. You have a Ferrari too?"

    Sonny: "Yea. Paid a fortune to a dying old man. Who knew he can keep classic Group B so mint?"

    Ginoa: "I know you're going to go with a bang, but what's this 'Group B'?"

    Sonny: "*eyes flash* Hehehe.. Short answer: most iconic, stand out, balls to the walls rally series in the history of the race world. It makes the WRC look lame in comparison. But don't let me give you the long answer; you'd be sleeping like a baby."

    Ginoa: "I could go for a second nap, but that doesn't bode well with your personality."

    Sonny: "Ferrari was going to enter to duke it on with the likes of the Lancia 037, the Audi Quattro and the Ford RS200; cars that can make any man go ooohh~"

    Ginoa: "Any MAN?"

    Sonny: "Well, also chicks that dig cars. Let me feel that again, gimme a second.. OOOHHH~"

    Ginoa: "Must be so special to you that it left quite the taste."

    Sonny: "Yeah. Thanks to low safety and increasingly higher speeds, these factors push the FIA to shut it all down. So our little GTO had nowhere to go but be home made supercars. You should notice this as the F40's older brother."

    Ginoa: "It does look pretty similar, now that I see it."

    Sonny: "Interesting eh? Don't know when, but we might get to making it a car worth showing to the public in our own signature. My garage has the space to fit in your F40, wherever that's gone to."


    Dodge SRT Viper GTS '13
    600 PP, 700 HP, 1325 KG

    Sonny: "And here we have the car that made me and the Ghosts famous on worldwide tuner magazines. People really needed a real analysis and days later: invitations to all over the world. Tsukuba, Nurburgring, Mugello.. yeah. From me: lap time purists can suck a :censored:."

    Ginoa: "But it looked like you hardly did anything to this Viper."

    Sonny: "Hardly? Hahahaha! Hardly, was it?! *clears throat* No, my darling. This is.. THE BEAST! *echoes*"

    *sound effect*

    Ginoa: "What was that?"

    Sonny: "What was what?"

    Ginoa: "Umm.. never mind. Why are you bobbing like that?"

    Sonny: "(And I feel so Bohemian like you..)"

    Ginoa: "This guy for real? Did he just enter some trance?"


    Isuzu 4200R '89
    Dawn Skies
    500 PP, 350 HP, 1240 KG

    Ginoa: "Odd. Tell me about this one."

    Sonny: "Well, it's a road going concept of Isuzu's first and only sports car back in the late 80s."

    Ginoa: "And you didn't buy it?"

    Sonny: "Because I couldn't. It's not even mine. The owner uses my garage for safe keeping, dealt in cash."

    Ginoa: "I know a snitch when I see one."

    Sonny: "So do I, and this car's clean. It even works great."

    Ginoa: "Didn't you say this wasn't yours?"

    Sonny: "Yes, but i haven't heard from the owner in over 3 years now. Tried everything in my power to get my money back. It makes me wonder if you've got something to do with that.."

    Ginoa: "Maybe."

    Sonny: "Maybe? I'll have to look at your list of professional killings."


    Chevrolet Camaro SS Touring Car
    600 PP, 600 HP, 1290 KG

    Ginoa: "Another Camaro?"

    Sonny: "Well, if you don't want to know.."

    Ginoa: "No. It's so obvious you like these, so I don't."

    Sonny: "Fine by me."


    GT by Citroen.
    Champion's Gold
    600 PP, 657 HP, 1510 KG.

    Sonny: "Aahh.. this one. Between you and me.."

    Ginoa: "Sounds like i should particularly care or what?"

    Sonny: "Memories flowing from Germany.."

    Ginoa: "You mention that, and it serves significant to this?"

    Sonny: "It's one of those days that opens your eyes. Winning something not very well known as an unlicensed loser back then, but with the rewards.."

    Ginoa: "If you had to know, I wasn't at the finals. Was called away."

    Sonny: "Oh, you break my heart.."

    Ginoa: "Boo hoo.."


    Chevrolet Nova SS
    550 PP 631 HP 1390 KG

    Plymouth AAR Cuda
    550 PP, 610 HP, 1460 KG

    Sonny: "And here we confirm my gang being upstairs. Which is odd."

    Ginoa: "How is it odd?"

    Sonny: "They're bikers. And when they do drive, these cars are often parked outside, which I'm sure Kirk did with his car. It's a nice place. Fresh air. Great neighbors. But i don't mind them getting inside here. Security allowed them to do so, and I have the space."

    Ginoa: "Hmm.."

    Sonny: "I wonder if they moved that mannequin of my race outfit here.."

    With not another unmentioned car at sight, Ginoa can't help but notice one thing.

    Ginoa: "That golden future car sparks a question: where's your F1 car?"

    Sonny: "That thing?"

    Ginoa: "You brought them both to Fuji that time.."


    Sonny: "And the latter blew everyone's mind off, yes. *shines teeth*"

    Ginoa: "Yeah. That thing. Where?"

    Sonny: "Not here. The handling felt out of the usual, and I need a real F1 engineering team to check the chassis. That's one thing the Ghosts can't fix or tune. So, I sent it to a trip all the way to Europe. Never knew you had an interest, so.. sorry."

    Ginoa: "I see. Well, my loss."

    The moment Sonny leaves his secure private garage, the lights turn off and they enter a lobby with elevator doors, and a security guard in the middle.

    Sonny: "Yo, Pablo. Elevator, please."

    Ginoa: "Pablo?"

    Sonny: "Today's Friday, right? I have a different guard every day."

    Ginoa: "You pay seven different people for 24 hours? That's expensive."

    Sonny: "Expensive, but what's the point of saving money if you don't use it?"

    Ginoa: "But why do you have a guard doing the elevator for you?"

    Sonny: "It's one of the only ways to access Casa del Sonny, aside from emergency fire exits. And even that functions as a way out only, lah."

    Ginoa: "I'm sure he doesn't let anyone in your place."

    Sonny: "Nope. The guards i pay have orders that only me, Kirk and my servant are allowed passage, with companions when needed. We'll arrange your permissions.. maybe tomorrow. Saturday guy's a tech geek."

    Ginoa: "Celebrity life can sure take you out of the public."

    Sonny: "Still got a long way to go before i call myself a bona fide celebrity."

    Ginoa: "Keep telling yourself that, badass.."


    Both enter the elevator, and there are more questions inside than outside.

    *elevator music*

    Sonny: "Crappy elevator music? Got none of that."

    Ginoa: "Oh.. kay?"

    Sonny: "More questions? Let me zoom ahead for you. *fast* Retina scanner, hate using it, emergencies only. Only elevator to penthouse. 29 floors of tenants, mostly Asian."

    Ginoa: "I know a retina scanner when I see one, you pompous fool!"


    Sonny: "And now.. welcome to.."

    *disk scratches*

    Sonny: "WHAT THE?!"

    To the owner, his apartment became somewhat of a mess. The leader can already guess what his lackeys were up to at the sight of the nearby litter.

    Sonny: "You boys had a drinking game?"

    Skull: "If it makes you feel any better, we left a bunch in your fridge."

    Sonny: "But you fellas know I don't drink!"

    Skull: ":censored: then. *groans*"

    Sonny: "I'm sure Kirk won't mind taking those off me. Where is that rascal? KIRK!"

    Kirk: "Boss! Oh :censored:, you're back?!"

    Sonny: "Hell I am. Front and center, brother."

    When Sonny is serious, it's normally scary or just plain out of character.

    Sonny: "Look, dude. Our guest of honor is here. Whatever happened to the great celebration works?"

    Kirk: "My apologies, dude. I'll scrounge them up for you, and we can get our :censored: sorted out."

    Sonny: "Bah. Do what you can. Clean up the mess. That sort of thing. And have a look at who's still sober."

    Kirk: "Roger roger."

    With the call of duty, Kirk moves ahead, leaving Sonny to cool off with Ginoa.

    Ginoa: "Hey, you all right there, buddy?"

    Sonny: "I'm.. I'm badass as always, doll. Still, sorry that we had to deal with this for a first impression."

    Ginoa: "Don't fret too much. My boyfriend is worse at housekeeping."

    Sonny: "You don't say. So how's our good buddy Gary?"

    Ginoa: "You're asking me? I hardly see him outside our 'off the books' meetings. But I'm sure he's holding his own."

    Sonny: "You can trust that snake?"

    Ginoa: "Mmmh.. he's more of a bear, really?"

    Sonny: "And how'd he manage to reassure my words? Never mind. It did remind me of his unfortunate boot out of L.A. that time."

    Ginoa: "You know about that?"

    Sonny: "The Ghosts get the first scoop on any criminal news not on ABC. And I'm never open enough in the street racing scene to get the Domini Mafia's attention."

    Ginoa: "You know, I know there was never anything about the infamous dead assassin in hiding living with some perverted, religious, man killing gangster."

    Sonny: "And you can be sure this infamous dead assassin in hiding now living with the one and only Asian American racing badass.. give or take 1 percent."

    Ginoa: "Good to know how much that's a relief."

    Sonny: "Thanks, darling."

    Ginoa: "But how do you measure this 'badass' anyways?"

    Sonny: "Lady, you don't just measure 'badass', unless you understand what I mean. And you don't! Now if you excuse me.."

    The man of the penthouse moves ahead to see if Kirk needs a helping hand.

    Kirk: "Heya, Son. The boys are wiping your floors and licking your boots."

    Sonny: "Thank you. (I'm outta 10 dollar bills to bribe this :censored:er..)"

    Kirk: "Sorry I messed up."

    Sonny: "You made up, don't worry. Where's Andrea?"

    Kirk: "Truth be told, we ain't really seen her. Alcohol and video games can make good YouTube, but not good perception."

    Sonny: "*sigh* She's really excited to get someone to help out. Wait till she finds out.."

    The whole roster puts the cleaning of the home in priority. Kirk stands daydreaming, like he always does.

    Kirk: "Huh. That guy."

    Ginoa: "Exciting huh?"

    Kirk: "Excite? What the- You?!"

    Ginoa: "So, Kirk, was it? How's the civil days been to you?"

    Kirk: "You- you stay the hell away from me, witch!"

    Ginoa: "Witch? You're lucky I'm not here for massacre."

    Kirk: "But after the hullabaloo with those French bastards, I want scum like you away from my brother."

    Ginoa: "Stop it with the insecurity, Kirk. Now I'm going to say things, and you better listen."

    Despite his deep shyness, it's about time nothing come out Kirk's mouth.

    Ginoa: "The silent treatment? You'll hear me out, eh, you shy bunny?"

    Kirk: "Yeah. Shoot."

    Ginoa: "I've set my differences with Mir and Ama, and as a result, the crime net has never been more active on the search for my blood. I've cut a deal with the bigwigs, and they agree hiding is the best thing to do. Blackmailing Sonny was actually the only thing TO do, just so you all have my safety, services, and I stay alive, rich and anonymous. Got that, horse ass?"

    Kirk: "(Horse ass?) We have a load of things to agree on before we get you in the family. Capisce?"

    Ginoa: "Sure, sure."

    Kirk: "You okay if i keep my eyes on you? Not in the way.."

    Ginoa: "Sure. But not where the ladies need their time."

    Kirk: "Then it's settled."

    Sonny's appearance puts their serious conversation in halt.

    Sonny: "Ahh.. I see you've went on and found tubby over here."

    Ginoa: "Actually, he found me, but, well, the more i know him, the better."

    Kirk: "You sure she's the one to bring?"

    Sonny: "Didn't I tell you Sonny's got no hold in this argument?"

    Kirk: "Yeah, but.."

    Sonny: "No buts, Kirk. Remember?"

    Kirk: "*groan*"

    Sonny: "Besides, the man that so happened to blackmail me into this paid for her services. She's an expensive little cutie."

    Ginoa: "Oh, did i hear that?! You do have balls to just say 'cutie' to THE femme fatale, don't you?"

    Sonny: "Being a step ahead means that I have to make sure you tolerate the inflating ego you live with."

    Ginoa: "Damn, he's good.."

    Kirk: "You're not the first."

    Sonny: "By the way, it seems that you boys didn't seem to hear Andrea heading to the local co-op to get for your celebration needs."

    Kirk: "You called her, didn't ya?"

    Sonny: "*finger snaps*"

    The timing of that finger snap coincided with the elevator as it makes a ding sound.

    Sonny: "And right on time. What you get for us?"

    Andrea: "Have a look yourself, big boy."

    Kirk: "Well, :censored:. That's expensive, for sure."

    Sonny: "While we're at it: Andrea, this is Ginnie."

    Ginoa: "Hey?"

    Andrea: "You're my support? That's excellent! Call me Drea. Andrea's my name. Lemme show you around."

    Sonny: "You girls get to it, while i get some man to man time."

    Bringing Ginoa to Sonny's home wasn't the only thing he's got to do today.

    Kirk: "Got a few calls from the higher ups of California while you was gone. The Governor will refer to me, and we have things to address."

    Sonny: "There another problem with me being the guest of honour?"

    Kirk: "Nah. It's just that we might as well reduce attention."

    Sonny: "And what: I'll turn into the Stig? The best way to make an impression is to lose that mask and be yourself."

    Kirk: "Naw. None of that. I'd figure it'd be only the two of us instead of bringing the Ghosts. There'd be police, and they're pretty acquainted with Raw and his hammer.."

    Sonny: "And how the heck am I supposed to prepare for 250 mph of Camaro now?"

    Kirk: "You think I don't tell them bout that? They brought a racing team specialist from outta borders. Reason's so it looks legit that your car really is street legal and what not if inspected by an outer party."

    Sonny: "I know a sabotage death plot when I see one, but I trust you. To think I'm risking my life just to test out the safety of that road. :censored:, lah."

    Kirk: "If they ain't lying, they say this person's really looking forward to seeing you."

    Sonny: "Just who could it be, eh?"

    Kirk: "Not one step ahead this time, punk. Hehehaha."

    Sonny: ":censored: you!"

    Deep Purple
    Shades Of Deep Purple
    Intended Length: start transition.

    FIN Part 2/3

    I was going to release all of Walk Of Life in one go, but i got lazy and just edit the much smaller bits.
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    Part 3:

    Deep Purple
    Shades Of Deep Purple
    Intended Length: end transition.

    3:45 pm
    The opening ceremony of a brand new motorway, heading south east of California.


    A small crowd piles up, mostly here due to the presence of a certain racing driver.

    Sonny parks the car in the middle of the unopened street, with fans getting pushed back by local security.


    Sonny: "Well, shoot. Never thought some fans would get off their asses and made their way here.."

    Kirk: "Supposing if them fans believe a certain someone's tweet.. The tweeter being the mother :censored:er next to me.."

    Sonny: "I'm reaching typical obscure Vines making celebrity status, dude. What I do better satisfy the needs of them who sniff my air and lick my boots."

    Kirk: "Or what?"

    Sonny: "Or I dunno, lah! They might lick my ba-"

    Kirk: "Hey! Earth to Sonny: it's Mr. Cali State Govenor!"

    The two walked in a makeshift tent to see a man wearing a suit: the Govenor of California.

    Kirk: "Mr. Govenor!"

    Govenor: "Ah. That voice's from Mr. Ackepoke. And this must be Sonny."

    Kirk: "What gave that away?"

    Sonny: "You must live under a rock if you're a petrolhead that don't know me. But let's not misbehave. Thanks for the opportunity, Mr. Govenor."

    Govenor: "Don't worry. Just helping you out with getting bored with what you do."

    Sonny: "Boring can't begin to describe, but how can I describe boring? In my world, it's a law to be boring!"


    Govenor: "For you, gentlemen, we'll get things running by the next hour. Be sure to keep standing by. Security's making sure you won't get a broken leg and all."

    Kirk: "Thanks so much, Govenor."

    Govenor: "You're very much welcome, gentlemen."

    To move on, a person wearing a regulated safety outfit walks by, taking the sight of the Govenor and prompting him to call this mechanic over.

    Govenor: "And here's our mechanic to check on your car. My gosh! 22 years and she's capable of so much. My youth is so not like hers."

    Sonny: "Hmm.. there's one person that matches that description, lah."

    Govenor: "May i introduce you to.."

    Sonny: "Oh :censored:! That you, Luce?"

    "The pride and joy of German tuning, just past her 20s. Slowly entering the cockpit view instead of the spanner, she plans to show how perfectly chiseled her skills are, if her temper and timid past were to be put aside."

    Born literally a walking distance away from the Nurburgring, Lucia's flourishing family has her living in luxury. Her parents weren't keen on having a daughter when their time working has made her a really angsty teenager. I think it's something she needs help on.

    Capable of so much, but with little care, she was deported to live with an old friend in London. There, she earns an interest to show her family that she's more than the little girl. Lucky for her, this old friend is apparently an old racer, and he's ready to raise her from scratch.

    Taking her all over the world, she marries with a good friend and starts anew a life with more potential than her former generation's.

    INTERESTING FACTS: She turned a leaf and became a bully after an incident during her teenage years. Also, she's won a lot of athletic medals in her teenage days, mostly on running.

    S.E.C.R.E.T. F.E.E.D.B.A.C.K. C.O.D.E: Thanks for noticing me! By the way, since this is just a test, I'll accept any feedback without the code.. for now.

    Sonny: "What's brought little Luce here to my side of the world?"

    Lucia: "Already I'm regretting meeting this.. this animal!"

    Sonny: "Hahahah! Still not over that? You're still so cute for someone taller than me! Ahahahaha!"

    Govenor: "Looks like you're both getting along well. Right now, I'll be needing you for a few things, Mr. Ackepoke."

    The act of higher power leaves us with these two. What's more unsettling is how Sonny hears knuckles crack.

    Sonny: "(Irate already??) Awh crap.."




    "I'm down!"








    "I'm in need of some help here!"



    On the hard floor, there's reasons why Sonny isn't getting the help he desperately needed.

    Lucia: "You poor thing! These are Interpol agents. An Interpol husband can get you far, and as a lady's favor, he's allowed me to do this for what you've done."

    Sonny: "What? Kill me for running away? I'm not afraid, and I so didn't get into hiding."

    Lucia: "You ran away, Sonny. These are fists to open your eyes."

    Sonny: "Coffee's not good for my image, Luce. "

    Lucia: "Listen to me, you schwein."


    Sonny: "Owwhoww! Not the face again.. If you want to stomp me, that better not be a high heel.."

    Lucia: "Look. We're particularly angry at one Sonny Meng for deserting Mythic when we needed you and your Ghosts more than ever."

    Sonny: "To be fair, my rights with the boys aren't for our little Mythic's gains."

    "Mythic aims initially as a profit method in a criminal group looking to enter the street racing scene. With a generation old enigma, the ultimate street racer, and a seasoned veteran, the offspring of their teachings boast more capability than that of any racer, so they say."

    Ten years ago, four entered the fog that is the Mythic program. One by right. One by commitment. One by potential. And one more as a favor. Sonny so far places himself in it upon intruding the turf of the street racing king, allowing himself to prove worthy to him.

    But recently, the renowned tuner Lucia Weiss has somewhat been planned as yet another chosen one. And even more recently, another has been taken in. But who that is requires me to further my spying a little more.

    Of the 6, here are the members known so far: Sonny, Lucia.

    Lucia: "Sure. This is coming from the cockiest one of them all."

    Sonny: "What I've been through is nowhere as pleasant and red carpet covered as yours, Luce. What I've got here.. my fame, my skills, my gang.. It's 99% me or family opportunity, and you don't got anything to do about it."

    Lucia: "You selfish.."

    Sonny: "And you better make sure i can still drive after this? This vibration in my pants means I'm getting tweets that I'm getting beat up by some German chick."

    *low blow*

    Sonny: "YAAWW! Not.. cool, Luce!"

    Lucia: "Now that I've put out all my wrath against you.."

    Putting all the pain aside, Sonny sees to his assailant a hand up from the ground.

    Lucia: "You're still my friend. And that's the most important thing."

    Sonny: "Thank you. *groan*"

    Lucia: "But hear me! You so as much do your stunt again, and I'll wring your neck. You made an old man cry in pain!"

    Sonny: "Stunt, huh? As much as the next tiny sized insult goes, I don't like to go physical and hurt women. That policy in me, and you're still beating me senseless. Let's call it a truce, and I'll clear up the fog in our heads, eh?"

    Lucia: "Herr Curls tries to flatter, but I'll need more than clarity now."

    Sonny: "Clarity? Kiss my ass."

    Lucia: "Oh lookie behind my back. *menacing* A monkey wrench. Just a favorite weapon of mine. And did i say weapon?"

    Sonny: "Ohh.. crud. Well, for starters, I'll write an official letter of apology, an affidavit just incase you need to sue me. And a cheque for a few thousand dollars, maybe."

    Lucia: "Keep going.."

    Sonny: "And how about inviting you to my private home in the private side of California, mmhmm?"

    Lucia: "If I'm allowed to do more than visit.."

    Sonny: "Then it's settled. Just do me a solid and don't :censored:ing sue me."

    Lucia: "Then what's with the affi-"

    Sonny: "Hush! I'll be doing the asking now."

    Lucia: "Grrr..."

    Sonny: "So.. what's you doing all the way here in California? I figure someone like you wouldn't like anything here. You sweat a lot, and you get treated like :censored: and all.."

    Lucia: "Mann Bernardo's working here, and I might as well go along. And probably visit Keith while I'm at it."

    Sonny: "Keith, huh? That rascal's not gotten far after Japan."

    Lucia: "Rome wasn't built in a day, Herr Curls.."

    Sonny: "But he's not going to build Rome where he's headed."

    Lucia: "If i feel like it, I'll knock Herr Ross senseless till he wakes up. That's what you want me to do?"

    Sonny: "That's a good Little Luce."

    Lucia: "Not to mention that it might feel good."

    Sonny: "Be sure to give me the first scoop on what you do."

    Lucia: "Since you say that.. i did. Hahahaha!"

    Sonny: "Oh yeah? You beat up a guy who won't hurt any innocent women? That's not really something to be proud of, lah."


    With all the things ready, the Govenor comes towards the start of the large motorway, ready to open. Armed with a microphone powering nearby speakers, he makes his announcement.

    Govenor: "People of California. Thank you for taking your time to witness history for California: the opening of our new motorway heading down to Mexico."

    While camera flashes and news reports are made, people are really taking their eyes over another thing.



    SONNY! *clap clap clap*

    SONNY! *clap clap clap*

    Govenor: "And here we have California's own Sonny Meng. He will be the judge on the road's safety. His role here with his 750 horsepower Camaro will be the breaking point on the construction of this motorway, as well as to promote supervised speed racing in this lovely state."

    While Sonny moves his car ahead just by the ribbon to cut, the announcements haven't ended.

    Govenor: "By my right.. *arms gun*"

    *car roars*


    Govenor: "As Govenor of the state of California.. *aims upwards*"

    *car roars even more*


    Govenor: "I declare this road; and this regulated speed test of an American classic.."

    *tire squeal*



    Govenor: "OPEN!"



    Scarface (Push It To The Limit)
    Paul Engemann
    Intended Length: full song.


    Push it to the limit!



    Walk along the razor's edge.


    But don't look down, just keep your head, and you'll be finished.



    Open up the limit!


    Past the point of no return.


    You've reached the top, but still you gotta learn how to keep iiit~!




    Hit the wheel and double the stakes.
    Throttle wide open like a bat out of hell; you'll crash the gates.




    Going for the back of beyond.


    Nothing gonna stop you; there's nothing that strong!


    So close now you're nearly at the brink, so, push iiit~!


    BOO YEAH!!



    Welcome to the limit..


    Take it maybe one step more.


    The power game's still playing so you better win iit~!








    Push it to the limit!


    With no one left to stand in your way.


    You might get careless, but you'll never be safe while you still live iit~!



    Welcome to the limit!


    Standing on the razor's edge.
    Don't look down just keep your head and you'll be FINIIIIISSHHED!








    Stopping to a halt, the car has been pushed to its limit, and moved to the side.




    The car positions itself to a small tent, whose job is to monitor the camera work for the 7 miles he's traveled. Without a proper speedometer, Sonny analyses the results.


    Sonny: "251 MPH? Honestly, could be better.."

    With the ceremony all wrapped up, a flood of cars make their way across the motorway.




    But one car splits ahead.


    Cameras on the motorway give notice to said car.


    Sonny: "Say.. an M4."


    BMW M4
    Mitternacht Zwei
    600 PP, 715 HP, 1275 KG


    Said tuned M4 travels at a high rated speed, while nowhere as close as the 700 hp Camaro cooling down at the moment.


    Later, it arrives by Sonny's footsteps.


    Sonny: "Nice."

    Kirk: "Oh, she made it so by herself. Pales the Ghosts' handywork in comparison."

    Sonny: "You're a pale steak, you know, tubby. A race with THE BEAST will clear that up."

    Lucia: "No flattery expected from you.. But how was all of this? Driving in a straight line for miles.."

    Baby (Breakbot Remix)
    Gran Turismo 5 OST
    Intended Length: at reader's pace


    Sonny: "It's :censored: like that that makes my life so awesome."

    Lucia: "You don't say, Herr Curls?"

    Sonny: "Racing is exciting, but going more than 240 mph is just truly one of a kind feeling. Driving a track car in speed, going 24 hours in Le Mans, having a Gymkhana session or drifting in something that can't turn for :censored: really can't match. Not diminishing, but racing is so diverse, and to experience it all has to be a life's aspiration. My badass life aspiration."

    Kirk: "I reckon the best part is how we all did it as one team."

    Sonny: "Right you are, Kirk. And let's not forget you, Luce."

    Lucia: "For what? Your bruises?"

    Sonny: "For not killing me or terminally injuring me, etcetra.. Sonny's really have to make it up for the Mythic gang now."

    Lucia: "We'll get our gear on our goose hunt soon. Don't go blaming it's all your fault. There are newer risks to consider. Besides, you allowed me to kick your ass, Herr Curls."

    Kirk: "You kicked his ass?"

    Lucia: "Ja, habe ich... Hehehe. AHAHAHA!"

    Sonny: "That gets out, and I'll keelhaul you."

    Kirk: "Heehee.."


    With purpose, Sonny now has an objective: to make amends for his mistakes, and hopefully bring himself back to those that made him the racer he is today.


    Author's Quote:

    Hey all. Thanks for reading what appears to be just something i wanted to exactly do. No limits. No rules. Especially no elitism (which i will admit on how stuck up i was).

    Just straight up, balls to the wall story writing, written by a story teller, aimed at story readers.

    Now i know you think SPD isn't really up to the task for writing a long term story. As of earlier this year, life has taken the toll, and i had to make that sacrifice. But right now, with summer approaching, i have just the dedication to make something that'll make people smile just by following along and make something really entertaining.

    Which comes to my new goal: smiles. In recent news, four people serving as an inspiration in my life passed away, giving smiles all their working lives to the people around the world. I want to work it, and so far, i have no power elsewhere than here. Say what you will about me, but it's the noble thought that counts.

    Smile away at the shenanigans Sonny does for a living outside racing, while putting in some progression while I'm at it. If you want to know, Sonny's chapter in Dawn Of The Mythic is all 3 'Ex's: explosions, exaggeration and exposition.

    Evidently, this isn't it, but we have Sonny's intended energy here. What makes him stand out, really.

    I will be keeping up with the 4 parts in Brothers In Arms, and then: something NEW AND FRESH from me. Hopefully that's going to be biblical.

    Unfortunately, with new mindset for writing, crossovers are down and out.
    I'm going to review a new ruleset for that sucka, alongside His Crossing Of Bounds.

    Thanks for the company, and stay tuned!




    "And tonight: there's going to be a.. un-"


    "Liquid Metal."


    "And BOOM goes the dy-"




    Kirk: "*sigh* Oh! Didn't notice cha! Not asleep, are ya?"

    Sonny: "Can't."

    Kirk: "What seems to be putting down my boss' mojo this time?"

    Sonny: "I'm not in a sour mood, Kirk. Instead, I have this!"

    Kirk: "What the devil.. Is that a grenade launcher?"

    Sonny: "Not just any grenade launcher, Kirk. This is a real genuine Heckler & Koch 69. Made in Germany in the 60s, this thing revolutionized the grenade launching weapon systems. SWATs today use this to breach tough ass doors."

    Kirk: "Ho? And how'd you know these things, anyways?"

    Sonny: "Despite it's small size, Singapore houses some of the world's most hardened military commandos, and my daddy's one of them."

    Kirk: "Well.. alright then. Back to the TV.."

    Sonny: "And look what else do I have here.."

    Kirk: "Hoo boy.."

    Sonny: "Yep. Hoo boy, this is encased illegal gunpowder, carried in some of the largest Chinese firecrackers ever made, all managed to be put into this 40mm grenade thanks to yours truly. And we're going for it. To the outside of Sonny's penthouse!"

    *Batman transition*

    Kirk: "Are you sure that.."

    Sonny: "You dare doubt an engineering degree holder? Don't be such a worry wart.."

    Kirk: "You know, if there'd be a bad thing on what I do around here, going along :censored: like this might be the pole position."

    Sonny: "Kirk, Kirk, Kirk.. what's life without a little mayhem? Let's see what happened today: we got us a new friend, opened a new road in style, and I have a mission to fix what screwed up my racing gang. All of that without starting another chapter of Dawn Of The Mythic!"

    Kirk: "But those are your problems, not mine."

    Sonny: "Still means we might as well celebrate."

    Kirk: "Quick question: how's that breaching tool gonna reach the skies?"

    Sonny: "We're pretty high up around these parts of California. And I've personally loaded this baby with more firepower."

    Kirk: "Well, ya got me. I'd say we celebrate, since you went through all this trouble.."

    Sonny: "That's what I'm talking about, bro! Hehehey."

    Kirk: "So, what angle should i be aiming this.."

    Sonny: "About 15."

    Kirk: "Fif.. teen.. Hey? Son, where you headed?"

    Sonny: "Oh, this is where i want to see it all go."

    Kirk: "Right? Okay. Here we go.."

    Behind his hiding spot, Sonny closes his ears and eyes.








    A dark smoke engulfs the area, fortunately not misfiring the fireworks to other nearby properties.

    Kirk: "*coughing* What the-"

    Sonny: "Funny.. this is why they have a warranty.."

    Kirk: "Sonny! You two timing mother:censored:er! You should'a told me you haven't tested! Now look at the mess, and worse: I became the guinea pig!"

    Sonny: "Did I.. ohh silly me.. *shines teeth*"

    Kirk: "You lucky I'm wearing my cheap shirt today. *shirt disintegrates*"

    Sonny: "And why's that? I don't see any burns on you."

    Kirk: "TIME FOR YOU TO :censored:ing BURN!"

    Sonny: "Burn?! Help! You were like a saint, lah! How could this be?!"

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    Coming soon (expected by middle of June):


    "You're gonna be looking at tuning car magazine frontliners! As their boss, it's my responsibility that they, as my biker brothers, get the care, respect and money they deserve."

    "So you pay them in hard earned cash?"​

    "I have a.. lot of revenue streams."

    "He even does underwear modeling."​

    "SHHH YOU!"