Brunei King's car collections

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  1. The king of Brunei "Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah" "


    Collected 3000~5000 cars!

    Major collection is...

    * 5 of Ferrari F40
    Red 2
    Black 2
    yellow 1

    * 8 of Ferrari F50

    - Pinin Parina Custom

    * 2 of Ferrari FX(all of world)

    * 8 of Mclaren F1

    * Mercedes BenzCLK GTR-1

    * Dauer 962 Lemans


  2. The Vanishing Boy

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    ohhhh boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :drool:
  3. sn00pie

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    This guy had Ferrari build him a 550 Maranello wagon!
  4. Yea this guy was on the TV :tv: in his :mercedes: CLK GTR-1, apparently Merc/AMG added a special Supercharger or something specially for his car? :car:

    And the special thing :star: about this guy is that unlike those celebs who have their motors locked up in a garage :home: Brunei King :king: uses his Supercars Daily :sun:

    :lol: What did this guy do to get all his cars again? Films was it? :2cents:
  5. I heard that some of his cars dont ever run well anymore because he hasnt turned the engines and driven them for years, but than again try starting 3000+ cars every week.
  6. 1X83Z

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    'Sultan' not king.

    His money will be gone when I turn 50. WHAT THEN? :D
  7. f50


    do you know if this guy need a stepson ? :D
  8. From what I heard, that guy gets most of those cars for free!!!!
    Most of the Ferrari, Pininfarina,... prototypes end up in his garage, just because he asks for it.
  9. Lucky Ahole. When I ask for stuff I dont get them.
  10. Well he should enjoy it now than.
  11. 1mic


    well all i know is he lives on oil, his whole island is has nothing but oil under it....
  12. [​IMG] this is a picture of his ferrari wagon
  13. here is a better picture [​IMG]
  14. 1X83Z

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    Best looking automobile ever.
  15. Gran Turismo7058


    F50 right in front of the 550
  16. f50


    here is a crapy pic.

    btw my pic is a 360 not a 550.

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  17. :drool: and he can''t even give me one???
  18. f50


    hey go back to row,i'm firts tham you.
  19. Somebody tell me where he lives, and when he goes to the store...

    .......somebody's gett'n car-jacked.

  20. The guy has like 1/4th of the worlds F50's and F1's.......I'm sure he could spare just 1.
  21. Cobraboy


    He was at one stage the richest man in the world, he was contesting with Bill Gates....
  22. f50


    ya cobra.
    can you explain me what is tha in your signature. ? ?