Building a TC or Drag car from a body available in the dealerships.

United States
Fresno, CA, USA
Modeling after what Dodge is doing with the Challenger drag cars now, I was thinking of seeing in the dealerships a body a body then all the bits and pieces to go with it making your own race car. So, in order:

1. Buy the Challenger body from the dealership. Classified as that rare Stage 5 Weight Reduction as it is just a shell.

2. From the tuning shop buy your choice of suspension, brakes, interior, transmission, clutch, engine and, all the rest of the items to buildout what we want to end up with. With this I would say add the 512 Cid V10 that came in the drag pack cars from before as well as the E85 monster that is the Demon 170 engine.

3. From GT Auto, cage, tow hooks and what not to finish your dream car out.

Basically, build your own Street or TC monster. Now, chooses for interior colors would be a great touch but I feel most of us would be interested in the TC (GR4/GR3) or strictly drag race angle.

This would work with more then just the Dodge cars. I'm just more familiar with their approach to the modern "end ICE cars" thought the real world is pushing. But, this is not about politics. Just incorporating some real world ideas into GT.

Real world article about Dodge's program:
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