Building My New PVC Cockpit

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Mapnapkin, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. Mapnapkin


    Hey All.
    Just thought I would make a post to follow my progress.
    So... I am building an adjustable cockpit. The seat slides back, wheel slides up and out.
    PVC is 2 inch.
    pvc on wheel stand is 1 1/2 inch

    so heres some photos

    01.basiccar.jpg 03.toeclose.jpg 04.wheeladjust.jpg 05.seatadjust.jpg 07.router.jpg

    08.wheelstand.jpg 09.wheelstand.jpg 10.wheelstand.jpg 12.wheelstand.jpg 11.wheelstand.jpg

    more photos to come.
    Need to mount the seat and make final adjustments.
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  2. Schmo


    Nice. Keep updating. You have given me some good ideas. Few questions.

    How is that board that the wheel clamps to adjustable? Is it only angle wise and tightened and held in place by that wingnut?

    I'm also confused to what those U-clamps are for in Pic #10.

    What wheel are you going to use? If it has a shifter, where are you mounting it?

    Also like to see how you mount the seat when you get that done.

  3. Mapnapkin


    Thanks Schmo
    First.. I got the idea from 'simul8r' this post

    My current wheel is the Driving Force Pro but I don't see why it wouldn't work with other wheels.

    Here are some photos of the U-clamps and the up-out adjust.
    hope these answer your questions

    0826091024a.jpg 0826091025.jpg 0826091029.jpg 0826091030.jpg 0826091031.jpg 0826091031a.jpg cross.section.jpg

    I will probably get the seat done tomorrow.
    Photos then
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  4. Schmo


    I'm confused on the Height adjustment. Is that still 2" going in to that T? How does it slide in and out? More importantly, how does it stay up?
  5. Mapnapkin


    The top wheel mount parts are made out of 1 1/2 inch.
    the bottom base parts are 2 inch
    The top slides in and out of a size changing adapter.. cupling thing (not sure what the proper word for it is)

    The 1 1/2 inch PVC fit in that size adapter very snug but is easy to slide.
    It just slides out and stays where you stop it. That may loosen up in the future so I may have to add a pin through it. So far everything is very sturdy.

    Let me know if you need any close up pictures.
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  6. Schmo


    Ok. I've just been comparing the two rigs. It seems you mocked his pretty well. Is the 2 "U" bolts there fore more stability? Cause simul8r only has one but he said is wasnt very ridged.
  7. Mapnapkin


    The two Ubolts do add stability, that's one reason I put them farther apart but their main purpose is to adjust the tilt of the steering wheel.

    compare these two photos


  8. Kryz11

    Kryz11 Premium

    Mapnapkin, that looks really cool! Nice job!
  9. capt_aaa


    Wow, how many manhours have gone into this so far? looks pretty pro! but what about shifter platform?

  10. Mapnapkin


    So far, including planning, screwing around thinking things through and trips to the store.. about 8 hours maybe.
    Without all the standing around we could have finished the whole thing in half the time.
    That's why I'm posting these pictures so it will help others.

    I don't have a separate shifter, mine is on the wheel (Logitech DFP) but if I did I could mount it next to the wheel. In Soviet America we have shifters on the right side. :)

    Also, here's my price list.
    PVC pipes ~$15
    PVC adapters and connectors ~$40
    screws & hardware ~$10
    Seat - $25 clearance at schucks.. or CSK depending on where you live
    scrap wood laying around - free
    Help from someone that knows what their doing - priceless

    On my way now to finish the seat.
    pictures later tonight.
  11. Mapnapkin


    The seats is now mounted and its all put together.
    The seat box could be built any number of ways but this was fast.

    So far the set up is very comfortable, evreything seems to be the right levels and distances.
    Everyone that sits in it so far pushes the wheel all the way in.
    Im six feet tall and I pull the wheel out about 2 inches

    0827091958.jpg 0827092007.jpg 0827092020.jpg 0827092042.jpg 0827092052.jpg 0827092116a.jpg

    even fits my kids
  12. Schmo


    Looks good, thanks for the update. Looks like you have a decent setup of tools and a place to work.
  13. F34R

    F34R Premium

    Thats pretty much what I'd want to do at for financial reasons. Very nice build.
  14. Flerbizky

    Flerbizky Premium


    Very nicely done - Good job young man :tup:
  15. Mapnapkin


    The tools and garage set up is my friends, not mine unfortunately.
    Had lots of fun building this.. going to go use it right now and test it out.

    Just for reference, heres my old fake car. All wood, looks cool but does not adjust. The steering wheel was a little too high. I could have fixed it but I just built a new one instead. Im glad I did.

    0613091505.jpg 0613091509.jpg 0613091510.jpg 0613091507.jpg 0613091549.jpg
  16. Cougar23


    I like the look of your PVC cockpit Mapnapkin.:tup: I'm thinking about making something similar one day. Is it very ridgid? Does it flex much? I've seen a few cockpits that people have made out of PVC and they filled some of the sections in with concrete to keep it sturdy. Thanks, Cougar23
  17. Mapnapkin


    I just got done playing for a few hours and Its awesome.
    When I was playing I didn't notice much shaking, it seemed sturdy. I am very happy with it.

    I am going to have to put in pins on the steering wheel stand section. once in a while the wheel will go in a little but its easy to pull it back to the right position. that does distract from the game. However, that will need to be fixed.

    Over all its very sturdy, I will not do anything to make it more sturdy. I'm very happy with it.

    My seat is plastic so I will definitely get a seat cover/cushion
  18. simul8r


    Hey Mapnapkin, it's interesting how you changed a few things for your gear. To add, I noticed you didn't add a 'T' joint at the end of the steering pipe as I have with mine and rather drilled the pipe to hold the platform. Is the pipe showing any signs of collapsing while tightening the wingnut/bolt? Just wondering.

    The 'T' joint with the single 'U' bolt in my plans were designed to allow pivoting the steering wheel based on the players needs. It is quite sturdy during play even when cranking up the forcefeedback to max. It is, however, not meant to be leaned on while supporting all your weight has you climb in and out of the cockpit, as you would with a regular vehicle. I, instead, place one hand on the seat and one on the rig's frame while I entering and exiting the pod. This is what I meant by a slight flex when I first used it as support by mistake.
  19. Schmo


    Thanks for your input simul8r. Havent started anything yet. Didnt get the ok from the project manager yet (wife).
  20. Mapnapkin


    Hey Hey simul8r.. its the inventor. Sorry for the late response. First off, thanks for the awesome design.
    The wing nut/bolt through the end doesn't get torqued down on. I only finger tighten it. The wood portion of the wheel mount is very sturdy itself.. but that bolt doesn't need to be super tight to do its job.
    It just holds down the front of the wheel mount and allows it to pivot.
    So I guess the answer is no signs of stress or weakening.

    Ya, I would never use the frame as a support to get in or out either.
    However after the pvc bonding glue, this thing is very strong.

    I could have used more pictures of your wheel mounting system. It was kind of hard to tell what you had going on. That required me to rethink what I thought would work, that's how I came up with what I did.

    Only thing I need to add to this thing is a cup holder.
  21. Mapnapkin


    Funny thing about the wheel pivot, no one that has played has wanted to adjust the pivot.. Still, I'm glad I have the option.
  22. Mastakojo


    Hey Mapnapkin! Really good design, I actually just built my cockpit using your idea.
    Here is a quick pic of the setup:
    Only thing i have trouble with is the board mounting with the U-bolts. It's hard to make it not slip around.