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    So I just got the Burnout Remaster on my Ps4, as well it was cheap being sold for £8.99 in the UK store.

    Its still a great game, I cant belive they were asking £30+ pounds for what is a 10 year old game with cleaned up gfx, its still plays well, Its a shame EA did not green light another Burnout game maybe we have to wait till the next generation of consoles to get another.

    The sound track is just how I remembered it, shame they could not bring over the photo from my old PS3 account.

    Is Dangerous Driving worth a go? or should I hold out for Wreakfest?
  2. TokoTurismo


    Dangerous Driving is a good game but a little rough on the edges. The devs will update it from time to time, but I'd wait for a sequel (if there is one) or wait for a sale (I'm a owner of said game who bought it at full price).

    I haven't played Wreakfest but I think that'd fit more for your buck due to what seems to be more of a polished game imo.
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    if its similar to Burnout I may pass and see if I can pick it up cheap, I think ill deff get Wreakfest s its from the makers of Flatout 1 & 2 I loved both of those on PS2/PC. I saw a trailer of the game with a couch you can drive :cheers:
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  4. hotak


    Wreckfest is wonderfull and much more varied than dangerous driving, i'd say it is almost on triple A games level. Also, it has a very good wheel support in case you use one.