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    I never bought GT Sport when it came out because I'm terrible and don't do online racing, but I heard there is a single player career mode now and it is on sale.

    I apologize if this get's asked frequently but I could not find a clear answer:

    Can you buy all of the cars with in game currency, or are they only available for real money? I like kei cars and saw there are some available for a couple bucks each, but they used to be very easy to obtain in past games.
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    You get a message by default (you can turn it off) that asks whether you want to spend in game credit or your own physical money. But if you buy a car with your own money, you are unable to sell it.
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  3. 05XR8


    You can buy all three Kei road cars(there is one extra Daihatsu Vision Gran Turismo race car, for 1million Cr.) easily. Go to Campaign Mode. Enter any Circuit Experience. Complete a few stages Bronze and higher and you'll gain enough Cr to buy all three.
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  4. sirjim73


    Essentially, all cars can be bought with in game currency, except for one or two that are special awards for Golding missions (but these arent necessary for completing any races).

    There are also a few cars that can only be bought with "mileage points". As that sounds, you collect mileage points driving races in the game.

    Also, you are awarded a car every day if you complete a "marathon" I.e. drive 26 miles. So, even if you're not a good driver, you will get a collection of cars via the marathon. This can include cars in the racing categories, Gr4 the most often it seems, but you also get duplicates awarded.

    The in game currency is skewed so offline rewards are much higher than online. There ARE a few unicorns which are a trudge to get, but there is only one set of races in the career mode that requires them, so you can ignore them if you wish.

    A note re the offline career mode, this is a set of predetermined races which all feature capture the rabbit and rubber banding. But there are lots of them now (302 I believe) so if you dont mind that, there's arguably plenty to do now.
  5. TonyJZX


    I also think paying money for cars represents a risk. Forget the money, I assume you dont care about a few bucks if you seen the store.

    However they dont seem to have foolproofed buying cars. It introduces bugs.

    I would expect some casual drivers may find driving 26 miles a chore but just doing a few league races every day to get that free car is enough to get going.

    If you're coming into it new now there's a heap of league events that are trivial that will get you heaps of cash and points.

    And since you seem to interested in the low cost cars then you can buy them all and it wont matter.
  6. Famine

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    Everything in the game is available for in-game currencies - credits, or mileage points - except for the Nissan GT-R Safety Car which is a special reward, a version of the Audi R8 LMP1 which is only available as a random gift, and a car you can win from the paid Lewis Hamilton DLC.

    Simply go into Brand Central and pick a manufacturer to see all their available cars (some are in a separate Vision Gran Turismo tab, for manufacturers that have them) and their credit costs; there's also 12 cars (five Safety Cars, seven road cars) only available for Mileage Points, two at a time through the Mileage Exchange which updates every Tuesday.

    With the exception of a few very high-value cars, every car you can buy for in-game currency is also available to buy for real money from the PS Store. The game will let you know when you go to buy a car that you have the option to use either in-game currency or real money - and you can turn the real money notification off if you wish (or don't want to accidentally buy one for real money, though it requires a couple of further steps anyway).