Buying VRP

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Hey all,
I bought some VRP (10’000) from store. Whilst making my purchase I was also asked to register an account, which I did then continued to make the purchase. No email of said purchase with my redeem code has showed up in my inbox. I then realised I had to verify my email but again nothing is in my inbox for me to verify, I requested that they send me the verification email again but still nothing. Nearly £63 has been taken from my account and I have nothing to show for it. I tried phoning the contact number but couldn’t get a connection. I’ve also sent a customer service message but again no email to acknowledge this. Any ideas of the best way to go about this? Thanks in advance.
Hey Gadge, all sorted now. I emailed directly to info@raceroom and Tim got back to me ASAP. The verification email had been sent to my junk folder but there was no email with my redeem code for my purchase. However Tim had sent the redeem code in his reply back to me so it’s now all good and all sorted. Thanks for the reply