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    I'm looking for assistance in tuning the Cadillac GT3 for Hockenhiem, Monza, and the Nurburgring. I'm experiencing oversteer from breaking and oversteer from turning can anyone help me correct these issues?
  2. Mr Grumpy

    Mr Grumpy

    Things to try

    Lower LSD coast settings = understeer off throttle
    Lower LSD Power settings = understeer on throttle
    Increase preload settings = less manoeuvrability (car feels heavy/less nimble)
    Decrease engine braking/high number = less force
    Increase rear downforce/lower front downforce
    Increase rear camber/lower front camber
    Increase front springs/lower rear springs
    Increase front roll bar/lower rear roll bar
    Increase front brake bias
    Reduce brake force
    Worst case hard front tyres/soft rear tyres combo sometimes helps unless it's not possible (unavailable/online)

    There's also damper settings, but like all things it's getting the right balance with whatever you change.

    All settings above will incur understeer.

    I'd definitely do the engine breaking setting 1st as I prefer to be in control. I think it's too harsh in this game.

    It's also down to feathering your brake/throttle control, hard on & off with either is going to cause problems with unsettling the balance of the car (unless of course that's what you want, car pending).

    Hope this helps, I'm by no means a expert but do have a dabble.

    Maybe someone with a bit more expertise can advise you with more details.
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  3. jake2013guy


    United Kingdom
    As a personal recommendation for setups, I'd use this. It has a lot of information and tells you when to change what and what you should be looking out for.

    It could be a multitude of things. The oversteer when turning could be a result of high tyre pressures with too small a contact patch so not enough grip. It's usually recommended to keep pressures around 25-28PSI in modern GT cars depending on the style of circuit.

    If the pressures are in that range, it could be the springs. For the oversteer mid corner, he recommends stiffening the front ARB and/or softening the rear ARB.

    The differentials are also quite useful. Decreasing the Coast Ramp is his recommendation for reducing oversteer when you brake and on initial turn-in. If the springs don't help and the car oversteers when coasting mid corner, he recommends increasing the preload.
  4. IfAndOr

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    Or in the options menu you could activate oversteer assist. :)
    It's meant for controllers but also works with wheels. It's not that intrusive actually.

    Nice guide @jake2013guy :tup:
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  5. David Wright

    David Wright

    Do you use a wheel? Are you using the default "loose" setup? Have you tried loading the stable setup?
  6. jake2013guy


    United Kingdom
    It's not mine. I started using it a few weeks ago and found it gave me better setups than just asking for the PC World Record.
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  7. fernandito


    The Cadillac has a raw turbo engine like Bentley.

    Traction Control 16 or so. Decrease rear heigh. Stiffen dampeners, both front and rear. If this is another GT3 360-420º turning car (something odd to PC2), then increase your wheel turning 'til 540º, even a little more to 620º is realistic too with most GT3 cars but the McLaren650. Increase engine braking number to 2 or 3. Lock power ramp extra 10º. Decrease front toe from negative value, and more positive toe in the rear. Increase rear camber. Bias braking force to the front by three clicks or so if you also use unstable setup. Try to go even on tyre pressures on both rear and front, and also uneven cold pressure setups when requiered depending on the track to ensure more stability at braking hard. Don't go more than 1 click to less downforce if you are on unstable setup.

    **** Monza
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