Cadwell Park Circuit

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Cadwell Park Circuit - Wiki article

Circuit Statistics:
3.477KM (2.173 mi)
Corners: 11
Direction: Clockwise

Circuit Info: Cadwell Park started in 1934, and grew to its current layout (roughly) in the 60's. While generally considered too narrow for serious car racing these days, that narrowness would translate to a GT challenge fitting of the "mini-Nurburgring" title the track has in real life. If you're already a fan of Brands Hatch, there's no reason you won't love this dense rollercoaster of a track.

Here's a Gran Turismo staple taking to the track:

Below is @tron2k3's suggestion thread, merged with this one to preserve accurate vote count.

Fondly nicknamed the 'mini Nürburgring', Cadwell Park celebrates its 80th anniversary in 2014. It remains as held closely in the hearts of many motorsport fans as ever. Located 10 miles north of Horncastle and five miles south of Louth, the Lincolnshire circuit is especially popular with bikers nationwide.

Cadwell Park's twisty and undulating nature, winding through open park and woodland, has marked it out as one of the best circuits in the country. Once discovered, it is often a firm favourite amongst many who visit, whether as a spectator or participant.

The circuit is also one of the most popular destinations on the MCE Insurance British Superbike calendar, with the infamous 'Mountain' section, which riders usually tackle airborne, providing a particular challenge.

As the circuit's reputation continues to build, there are an increasing number of club car events taking place at the circuit including the Historic Sports Car Club's Wolds Trophy and the popular Vintage Sports Car Club Festival, along with two vintage and classic motorcycle events.
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Another great track choice. This short clip shows Matt Bell driving a Radical SR3.

The track is very narrow, so passing is difficult, there is also the mountain section where bikes jump and cars lose traction, plus the section under the trees dries out more slowly than the rest of the track - a very difficult circuit to master in real life and a worthy addition to Gran Turismo. The lack of gravel traps would also make this a more realistic venue for classic racing.
I don't know how I missed this suggestion! As has been said a great track for medium powered and classic cars and for expert gamers - even the fastest cars could be raced on this track in game.

This clip is quite long (it fades out when vibration causes the camera to shut!), but it is one of the best I have ever seen of this track and accurately conveys its uphill and downdale nature and its combination of high speed and low speed corners - it would definitely be one of the most pleasurable tracks in the game on which to drive either for cruising, racing or time trialing.

The UK has some truly great racing tracks / circuits, that I used to love driving in the TOCA series of Games. Would be great to see a few of them in Gran Turismo.