Cagiva S.P.A. has risen from the ashes.

United Kingdom
Somewhere only we know.
Hello folks, Cagiva are to return as an electric bike manufacturer.And to be honest i am disappointed now after waiting about 10 years for them to release another Elefant.This was not what i was hoping for.To be honest i was hoping for a rough tough rally replica, of a Cagiva Elefant rally bike with different capacity v-twin engines.Here is the recent article :

What are your thoughts on electric bikes ?

Cheers Nath.
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Hi folks, i also need to mention that the UK government are NOT banning petrol and diesel vehicles at all including bikes too.So no ban whatsoever just so you all know that.It is just BS from whatever source it came from.It is not actually happening in 2040, so you can relax about that now :).