Calendar that you can subscribe to for GT Sport Daily and FIA Cup Event notifications.

This might seem a bit silly considering the 'Daily' events are always rotated on the same day and the 'FIA' events are for the most part Wed and Sat. But;

Is there anywhere that already does iCal / Google Calendars that we can subscribe to so that we get reminders of the events?

Ideally, each calendar entry would have a link to the relevant FIA event info, or a summary of the event.
For the 'Dailys', probably just a reminder that the Monday Rotation has occurred and the appropriate link!

The reason I want this is that at times I will accidently schedule some other (less important) life event at the time of an FIA race.

If you're at all confused by what I mean. Something like this service:

Maybe GTplanet Mods might even think about implementing it!

Hoping I don't have to do it myself and make it public for everyone else to jump onto. Would be something better hosted by GTplanet or on the official GTsport website where the other non-importable Calendar exists.