Can I go from DVD version to online version and keep saved game

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This may be a little off-topic, but I'll try anyways.

I bought GT Sport in-store a few years ago, put the disk in the PS4 and played for a while.

Now I got LEGO games for the children, and I'm tired of switching the disks.

If I buy GT Sport from the PlayStation Store, will I keep my saved game ? I don't want to start a fresh save game, and lose my cars/money/experience/online rating.

I would buy/download/install the game and continue playing with the same username on the same PS4 I've played before.

Any hints would be appreciated.


Yes, I did the same thing when my disc drive died. I lost all un shared photos, liveries and replays though. So share anything in game that you don’t want to lose before switching over. 👍

Thanks for your help. For those who need to do the same, here's what happened. In the PlayStation Store it said the download is 43 GB, but in fact the full download is 97 GB. Depending on your internet speed it may take a while. The 97 GB download took almost 20 hours on a 50Mb internet connection, but the WiFi was shared between the PS4 and our work-at-home laptops) Make sure your PS4 won't shutdown during the process. Mine went to sleep after 1 hour and shutdown after 3 hours, so I lost most of the night. Download continued from where it was when I turned on the PS4 in the morning.

The 97 gigs download is split in 2 parts : when the first part (22 GB) is completed you're allowed to start the game, but I didn't want to mess with my save game, so I waited for the full download to complete before touching anything.

When we get game updates, it takes a while to install the patches after the download is finished, but here the game was ready to use at the end of the download.