Can I put all my DLC cars in my garage at once?

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Hi, Very new to Forza 3 Purchased for Win 10 and then 2 DLC carpaks. Hooligin and Smoking Tire. Confused about how to use my new cars. They show up but not in my garage, I've read something about 1x free to put in garage, but don't understand what and how to do it. would really appreciate some help. Thanks..
If you go to the dealership there will be a "Free" tab with all the DLC cars you've yet to claim. Unfortunately you have to claim them one at a time as well.
If you go to the autoshow and select "view all", you can scroll through all the cars available. DLC cars should show up with a little "free" or maybe "new" in the corner on the bottom corner of the thumbnail.
HoW Do I Claim? Confused!!
You should just be able to click on the car, choose your color and then say yes I want to buy this car and it will go to your garage without charging you any credits.