Can we Get an Additional ABS Profile in The Settings?

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Why won't they let us choose from different ABS profiles? The default, as implied in the update (1.31), causes too much understeer on turn in and mid corner. It seems to be preventing any rear locking at all. The "weak" setting causes the fronts to lock very easily, and suddenly pulls the handbrake if you over do it mid corner. Finding a sweet spot in "weak" to match the old ABS is be very hard and will need some mastering for each car at every track.

I propose:
  • Off
  • Weak
  • Default (pre-1.31, or even the original ABS profile)
  • Strong (What we have now in 1.31 as default)
Adjusting brake bias helps a little but not enough, and you need to buy the brake balance tuning for each road car to adjust on-track.
Interesting, I was under the impression that the abs is weaker/different with the update (1.31). Braking distances have increased and it’s much easier to lock up the front brakes inducing the under steer. Idk. Oh and I only have experience in sport mode or daily races. If you’re using a controller, the joystick for steering and l2 r2 for brake and throttle is a must with the update🍻