Can you use the CSL Elite LC Pedal with a Logitech Gxx Accelerator Pedal

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I am looking to upgrade to a loadcell brake pedal, and the "CSL Elite Pedals Loadcell Kit" seems to be one of the cheapest options, but the website says the CSL Elite Pedals are mandatory.

I am more than happy with the Gxx throttle pedal, I just want the LC brake pedal, (I know the Ricmotech LC kit is an option, but I think it will cost nearly as much to get to Australia) am I wondering if there is any reason I can't just fit an RJ connector to my Gxx throttle pedal and plug it into the CSL USB controller that comes with the CSL LC Pedal kit. Obvious I will need to make a custom pedal mount, but that is pretty easy.

Any thoughts, or has someone used/tried this setup?
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