[CANCELLED] [PS4] Tuesday Night Euro GT Series (EGTS)Finished 

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Multi-class racing with two classes. ~100km races over 5 rounds for a total of just over 500km.

ABS and TCS will be available to all drivers. The idea is to make the Porsche more accessible for those unsure about driving it without ABS.

Tyre choice is open as there is no way to restrict it. This means that pit stops are free choice depending on your tyre choice. How often you need to pit and on what compounds of tyres is up to you!

Full details are below. Any questions then please ask! My PSN is ajh_1990 so if you can confirm attendance then please sign up and add me. I will then make the room invite only and send out invites when it opens. If you can't make it then please leave a message on here in the thread.


Room open for qualifying at 8:15pm BST (British Summer Time)

Race start at 9pm after 45 minutes of qualifying


Porsche 911 RSR 2017 x 8

BMW M235i Racing x 8


Barcelona GP 22 laps 6th June

Mugello 20 laps 13th June

Silverstone International 28 laps 20th June

Spa 15 laps 27th June

Monza 18 laps 4th July


45 minutes qualifying

Race start delay 60 seconds

Time of day 15:00

Clear weather

Ambient temperature 22 degrees

Track surface optimum

Autoclutch on

Traction control on

ABS on

Stability control off

Tyre blankets on

Fuel rate 100%

Damage rate 0%

Tyre wear rate 100%

3 tyres allowed out

Qualify limit 20%

Points: 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 in each class

Please drive cleanly and fairly. If you accidentally hit someone off the track, then wait for them to rejoin ahead of you.

Common sense driving please. If you’re not sure about your braking distances then don’t dive up the inside etc.

In the case of pit stops, please use the white line on pit exit and carefully merge with the racing traffic. Please be aware of any cars merging with the track from the pits.

Please sign up below with your PSN and which car you'd like to drive and I'll put them in list in the 2nd post of this thread.
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