Can't Countersteer at all

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 3' started by MuoNiuLa, Jun 24, 2011.

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    So I have been playing this game again recently and I'm simply having a blast. The physics may not be as real as GT5's, but that doesn't matter to me. The game is amazingly fun anyway. :)

    So I use my DFGT to play but one thing that's bothering me is I cannot countersteer at all. Period. As soon as I try to prevent myself from spinning out by turning the wheel in the opposite direction, the car is totally unresponsive and I have no choice but to spin out anyway.

    This is really annoying and I think this forces me to drive even more carefully than I should. And I'm really scared this issue will hinder me later in the game where I'll have to drive cars with huge amounts of power.

    So can someone please give me some insight on this issue? Could it be the tires I'm using? Should I set up my cars a certain way? Could it possibly be the fact that my DFGT is way ahead of this game's time?

    Thanks in advance. I drive with TCS and ASM turned off btw.
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    There might be some compatibility issues as i also own a DFGT,in GT4 feels like it understeers quicker than normal but, in GT3 appears to work fine,remember you can only steer for up to 90 deegres to each side on that game.
    Also,high powered cars (mainly FR) get rearhappy when the aids are turned off,this behavior can be reduce whit fine tunning but,you have to be very carefull whit throttle too in this game, as it is more sensitive than in later GT's.
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    I'll take a shot at answering this. The problem may be the fact that the DFGT is a dedicated 900 degree wheel and GT3 is played best at 200 degrees. The DFGT's predessesor, the DFP, had a mechanical lock GT3 would activate to not only lock the stops at 200 degrees, but change its calibration for motion through that range. The DFP was designed primarily for GT4, a 900 degree game, but this backwards capability allowed it to work great for GT3 as well. You could override the 200 degree lock with a special button combo, and try GT3 with 900 degrees, but I found the steering response to be too slow, ie your countersteering problem.

    You can feel soft stops at 200 degrees with the DFGT, but its very easy to go beyond those points. Plus, and I may be wrong on this as I'm only going on how it feels to me, the game isn't restricting full motion to 200 degrees, like it does with the DFP. This means I can drive cars through normal turns but feel I have to work harder at hair pins, rallying, drifting, and corrective countersteering, than if the steering was restricted to 200 degrees.

    Now, of course, GTPlanet's membership being what it is, someone may comment how the DFGT is the absolute best wheel you can use for GT3 and they don't care anything about 200 vs. 900 degrees. And to that I'll simply say how happy I am for them. :)