Can't find archive of past qualifying times

Discussion in 'GT Academy' started by Whodoyouthink, Sep 10, 2017.

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    For the sake of nostalgia, I wanted to look back on the final round qualifying times for each year I competed in, starting with 2012. It wouldn't hurt to check some of the rounds before the final one as well, I recall almost doing better in a couple of those than I did in the final.

    I remember only a few short years ago, had all the times, but in this current day they only have the videos for the finalists in the tv show. I'm not sure where else to look, but if somebody happens to know of a list, please let me know.

    I have used the search feature to look back on my old posts, so far I'm not finding too many posts of my times. The ones that I did mention my times don't give me comparison for national or international ranking. I'll keep looking, as the more recent years are bound to have something, but I'm still unsure I'll find any true rankings. Only other archive I can look back on are my pictures. There is a chance I took the odd celebratory picture of my times here and there, but I didn't do that frequently.

    I realize there is good reason for them to delete or at least stop hosting the lists. After all, if you weren't in what, the top 100, all you got was pride. But again, for the sake of memories and nostalgia, I want to refresh my memory on if I really did get in to the top 1,000-2,000 (I think I placed best in 2012, since the fields and competitiveness kept growing each year after) . That was special for me because I have never invested in a wheel (maybe I'll finally treat myself this holiday season).
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