Can't load any of my saves on PS 2

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 4' started by jmilone111, Sep 3, 2020.

  1. jmilone111


    I have my old PS2 from back in the day. I have three different memory cards with saves that I can see on them in the PS 2 system browser. I am not sure why nothing will load for me. The game does not see any of them at all. I am how they got messed up or if I am doing something wrong. Been a long time since I played like 3 years.
  2. Racing_Miku

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    It sounds like you have a corrupted GT4 save unfortunately!

    Have you tried creating a new save on a different memory card to see if you can then load the data. If that works then I guess you'd have to start over the game.

    I recently played the game myself and my save was fine, only advice I can suggest at the moment as I presume it's a disc copy of the game, only other issue might be if you have a NTSC save rather than PAL etc that could also affect your console recognising the save.
  3. LGT42


    I had the same issue after restarting the game this year. The save on my backup memory card was OK.