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Discussion in 'Computers & Technology' started by phreakypat, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. phreakypat


    For you car audio people I need help picking between 2 subs and 2 amps.

    The first pair:
    JBL PowerValve BP-600.1


    Phoenix Gold TXB212S -- Custom Enclosure with 2 TX12D Subs

    The second pair:

    JBL PowerValve BP-300.1


    Focal 27 LUX
    11" Access Subwoofer in Ported Enclosure

    The first pair I'm guessing should be a banging system. There are 2 subs compared to 1 and each sub handles a little more than 300 WATTS RMS. The amp is also perfect because when it's bridged it would give me 600 WATTS RMS for the subs. I'm betting that pair will have great SQL. That should be banging right? The downsides: Costs more, I risk malfunctions because its twice the power of the 2nd pair below.
    Plus I would definetly need to buy Optima Yellow Top battery.

    The second pair is only 1 sub, but it has good sound quality. It also is just right to power my Lancer because my car's seats fold down and those 300 WATTS RMS should be bumping pretty well.
    Its also wayyyyy cheaper than the first pair. More likely than the first pair to not have any problems. Doesn't draw as much power so I wouldn't need to buy an expensive Yellow Top battery.
  2. Burnout


    Well - It's a matter of personal opinion and wallet size.

    If you've got room in your car and the money for the first package and a Yellow Top battery, go with that one. If you don't, go with the second one. I think you're be happy with both, but you'll be able to woo your friends more with the first.