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  1. Jujubean


    If any of you are like me, you usually don't pick up your prize cars immediately unless you were trying to specifically to get that one. As a result, they can start to stack up. I was up to 50, but now I am going through and there are some great cars in here that I forgot about.

    Among the cars I just picked up:
    Hommel Berlinette R/S Coupe
    Nissan Sileighty
    Autobacs Garaiya
    Spitfire 1500 (love the looks of this car!)
    Audi Pikes Peak AND Le mans Quattros
    Calsonic Skyline '93
    Mercedes 190 E Evolution
    Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale
    Toyota FT-86 sports concept
    Ferrari California

    Of course it has taken me like half an hour to get them all into my garage :dunce:
  2. will-i-am

    United States Vegas

    im only up to six since ive started not opening them
    4 1000 tickets
    lvl 21 ticket and
    GSX-r ticket

    How many can you save in there
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  3. SonicWagon


    What? You got a Ticket for a motorcycle?
  4. will-i-am

    United States Vegas

    gsx-r/4 concept ( the 4 , i take it means the wheels)
    a kit car with a motorcycle engine, you win it in the spec b GT Formula
  5. CMvan46

    Canada Vancouver, BC

    No i always recieve all my tickets just for the fact I dont want to wait a half hour to recieve them all.
  6. Silky94


    Please could you send me lvl 21 ticket for gold chrome or a car.
  7. Theres been an is-f concept ticket sitting there for about a month now. i might just open it to trade because i already have one.
  8. MadMax

    Finland Finland

    I have currently 165 Car Delivery tickets and out of those 4 are actual gifts and the rest are prize cars ect.