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  1. laserviper


    I am not sure how to quite word this but here goes. If it were up to you how would you redistribute cars or combine different classes. I find it weird the Sentra Nismo competes with the likes Audi rs and the mercedes when it could be in a different categofy instead maybe reasonbly priced maybe hot hatch etc? What about combing classes like the two rally classes since I think modern rally is pretty much Subaru Mitsu and a lone focus? Maybe jam offroad into sport utility. Just want to see other peoples ideas etc not being super critical but more curious No issues with PI etc
  2. RazorSharkz


    I'd move the Terradyne Gurkha to Trucks.

    I'd split Retro Rally, anything before 1990 goes to classic rally, anything after goes to modern rally

    Anything after 75 in the Classic Muscle division would go to Retro Muscle
  3. JoshMead


    I would:
    -Migrate the Ferrari F12 TDF from Hypercars to Super GT.
    -Migrate all Aventadors from Hypercars to Modern Supercars.
    -Move the BMW i8 (and convertible variant) from Modern Supercars to Modern Sports Cars.
    -Controversially move the Viper GTS, Corvette C7 Z06, and Corvette C6 ZR1 from Modern Muscle to Modern Supercars.
    -Move the Corvette C5, Corvette C4, and Viper GTS ACR from Retro Muscle to Retro Sports Cars.
    -Move the Mini Countryman from Off-Road to Sports Utility Heroes
    -Move the Nissan NISMO GT-R LM from Retro Sports cars to Track Toys.
    -Segregate the Offroad Buggies category into two smaller categories, one containing vehicles like the Polaris RZR, and the other covering the larger, proper buggies.
    -Segregate all "hoonigan" and "hot wheels" vehicles into their own categories.
    -Add a new category that's categorized independently from the rest, labelled as "Production Cars". A category that contains every production built car in the game.
  4. mustafur


    I would move the Mini Buggy to extreme off-road so it atleast then it will be in the same class as it's actual competition.

    It's a Buggy in name only.
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  5. Mr Fahrenheit

    Mr Fahrenheit

    I'd move AM Vantage (both V12 and V8) to Modern Sport Cars, Countryman JCW to Sport Utility Heroes, Lambo Jarama to Rare Classics, and move TVR Cerbera to Retro Supercars. Maybe move '65 Mini to the Cult Cars.

    Those are all I can think of.