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Haven't seen many forums for SLRE but luckily found this one here - so firstly id like to say hello and great to see there are some folks enjoying this rally sim as much as I do.

When I first started playing, it took a few hours to figure the handling physics which I now think are amazing and pretty life like. Does anyone have, or would like to share any car tuning setups that may work for a particular car say in snow, or dry gravel etc. ?

I'll post some of mine (albiet not many) that seem to help me, within the next day or so.

Mainly tinkering on the diff has helped immensly for myself but would love to hear some advice and setups out there.

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Just bought this game and simply doing some research before I take over the leaderboards ;)
First off, surprisingly shocked would sufficiently describe my viewpoint toward racing fanatics and their unknowing and/or under appreciation of this Racing game.
Supposedly, Milestone S.R.L., created the "best-ever" physics engine to date, yet by implementing Sebastien Loeb and his viewpoint of what is really like to sit behind the wheel and allowing the ability for any player to use certain trademark techniques like the " Scandinavian Flick" used in real racing.

Now that I have that off my chest, I'm just about to start playing Rally Evo on XBOX One to see how the research compares to my own interpretation.

I'll play around with the settings and let you know what I find to be the best combination, hopefully you share your thoughts and discoveries that give you a competitive edge as well.

-LATVIA69 (Olafs Jurenko)


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