Car variety in GT6. What % do you want?

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    This is not a car wish list thread. Please do not post any cars or race series you wish to have included in GT6.

    The purpose of this thread is to discuss what percentage of each type of car you want in GT6. Road cars, super cars, Japanese K cars, prototypes, GT race cars, etc.

    Please only post a listed category and the percentage you think that category should take up in GT6's car list. If you are posting multiple categories that make up the entire car list, please make sure you have graduated the second grade and can add up to 100.

    For the sake of clarity I will post a master list of categories:

    - Japan
    - United States
    - Great Britain
    - Italy
    - Germany
    - France
    - Korea
    - Sweden
    - Other (You may suggest a country to add)

    - 1900-1940's
    - 1950's
    - 1960's
    - 1970's
    - 1980's
    - 1990's
    - 2000's
    - 2010's

    Car types

    - Road Cars
    -- Sub compact
    -- Compact
    -- Midsize sedan
    -- Full Size sedan
    -- SUV
    -- CUV
    -- Off road vehicle
    -- Coupe
    -- Convertible
    -- Gran Touring car
    -- Sports car
    -- Super car
    -- Other (open for suggestions)
    -- Classic variant of the above (please put a C* in front of the listing)

    - GT Race Cars
    -- FIA GT (GT1-GT4)
    -- BTCC
    -- WTCC
    -- ACO Spec GT (ALMS, ELMS)
    -- Grand Am spec GT
    -- V8 Supercars
    -- Other (open to suggestions)
    -- Classic variant of the above (please put a C* in front of the listing)

    - Sprint Cup
    - Nationwide Series
    -- Classic variant of the above (please put a C* in front of the listing)

    - Prototypes
    -- ACO spec P1
    -- ACO spec P2
    -- ACO spec Prototype Challenge
    -- Group A
    -- Group C
    -- Other (open to suggestions)
    -- Classic variant of the above (please put a C* in front of the listing)

    - Rally or Off Road race cars
    -- IRC spec rally
    -- WRC spec rally
    -- S200 spec rally
    -- Group B
    -- GRC
    -- Rally America spec
    -- Other
    -- Classic variant of the above (please put a C* in front of the listing)

    -Other Categories (open to suggestions)

    Remember, only post a category with a % that you see on this list. You may suggest a category. Here is an example post:

    Again this is not a car or racing series wish list.
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    I would put Nascar in there somewhere. Otherwise some folks might have a breakdown.
  3. ak101


    PD should make a good balance between all top car manufacturers and not favouring japanese cars so much.
  4. HuskyGT


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    I've said it before. It doesn't matter as long as American, European and Australian have an equal share, or at least close to Asian manufacturers.

    To put it in simple words:

    Audi and BMW need to have at least 20-25 models each. All premium.
    Dodge, Chevrolet, Ford; the same.

    Other manufacturers have a very small amount of models, so include them all at least.

    I don't really care about Japanese cars, but I know that it is a Japanese game and we can't really ask that they diminish their quantities. As long as they don't do the 20 NA Eunos Roadsters and 20 Nissan Skylines GTR R34 thing again is fine. One per generation, or models which are different like the GTS-T and FM Plattaform Skylines are ok too.

    I will be terribly pissed if I go through the new car dealership and find that there are only two BMW models and like 50 Nissans in which 25 are Skylines or GTR's. Not even their own manufactures are respected since Toyota doesn't even have the MKIV Supra, or the AE86 Trueno.

    I'll set up an example: This is not a wishlist, but an example of how I would like the car list to be distributed.


    -2002 Tii
    -E21 323i
    -E30 M3
    -E36 M3
    -E46 M3
    -E90/92 M3
    -E39 M5
    -E60 M5
    -Z4 M Coupe
    -Z3 M Roadster
    -E24 M6
    -E63 M6
    -320i Touring Car
    -M3 GT3
    -Some other racing BMW


    -Silvia S13/14/15 (only one per gen)
    -Skyline GTR R31/32/33/34 (only one per gen)
    -Skyline GTS-T
    -GTR R35 Spec V
    -GTR R35 Black Series
    -Fairlady Z Z31/32/33/34 (only one per gen)
    -Skyline GT 350 Sedan /Coupe 370GT
    -Super GT GTR's (all of them if they wish)
    -JGTC GTR's and Fairlady (all of them if they wish)
    -Other racing Nissans like the group c monsters and others.

    You see how fair a list like this sounds? And we are not taking away much from a Japanese manufacturer as all of its most important models are still there and it's still predominant over other manufacturers. But wouldn't it be beautiful if other manufacturers get some love too? Wouldn't it be beautiful to go to every manufacturer and find yourselves with equal numbers for all of them? We don't even need 1000+ cars for this game to be a dream. I hate to say this, but take Forza's list as an example of what Gran Turismo could should be.
  5. Earth


    Based on 600 cars

    40% - Japanese
    40% - European
    15% - American
    5% - Korean, Australian, PD etc

    35% 1990 - 2004
    25% 2012 - 2013 (by far the the important aspect of GT6's car list is to be relevant)
    25% 2005 - 2011
    10% 1969 & earlier
    5% 1970 - 1989

    75% Road Cars
    25% Race Cars (15 NASCAR, 15 Super GT, 15 DTM etc adds up fast)