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    I thought it might be a good idea to share some thoughts about the career mode in ACC.

    I fired it up today and managed to brake it within ten minutes. In fact, i cant use it anymore.
    What happened?
    I did the Lamborghini young driver test and i was embarrassingly slow, five secons behind the AI, so i decided i wanted to give it another go. But the game didnt let me. Instead i was asked to proceed to the next test in the rain. But i still wanted to improve my lap time at the first test, so i started a new career. Big mistake, because now i can't proceed to the second test anymore. I managed to improve my lap times, but i was still the slowest "young driver" and it seems my career is already over!

    Oh well. I guess this is a bug?

    Edit: i think i forgot to wait for the AI drivers to finish their session. No bug after all.
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    So had my first career race tonight. Qualified in third in both quali sessions. Completed the first race in third and then had to eat before the second race. So quit out of the game. Big mistake. Went back to my career and I was back at free practice. Is that supposed to happen? Don't tell me you have to finish a whole race weekend in one sitting.

    Edit: Just seen over on the official forums that they are working on allowing saves in between sessions. For the time being make sure you complete a full race weekend in career before quiting.
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    I presume there is no mid race save option either? Been watching this sim but not ready to pounce yet. I race long hours but have to use the PC for other stuff (like work) in between sessions.
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    Damn, this career mode sucks lol. I should have expected this.

    Literally championship mode but you get a ACC liveried car.
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    It's possible to opt into a beta to test the hotfix before it is pushed to everyone. Here's the changelog.

    - Added savegame system in Career and Championship modes.
    NOTE: save file is currently limited to uint8, so player names with special characters might not save correctly.
    - Added multiple savegames system.
    - Tweaked pit location message for accuracy.
    - Fixed wrong dynamic weather appearance during replays.
    - Enabled reverse button for the replay HUD.
    - Fixed a crash with a specific TV camera at Silverstone.
    - Fixed controller issues in Q2 and R2 sessions of Career events.
    - Fixed crash on Championship grid generation when circuit had too few pit boxes.
    - Fixed wrong audio message when the current penalty is worsen.
    - Added cut warning and drive through penality audio messages.
    - Fixed points not loading right away in Main Career page.
    - BAT shortcuts added for Oculus and SteamVR launch modes for external game start.
    - Fixed wrong physical pit entry zone at Silverstone that lead to confusing penalties.
    - Fixed crash when drivers join under certain circumstances.
    - Fixed spectator mode slot assignment.
    - Fixed Silverstone short formation lap not triggering correctly.
    - Fixed "too slow" (TR+CC) for tricky corners like Eau Rouge.

    - Fixed endurance light emissive on the Lexus RC F GT3.
    - Fixed missing auxiliary lights on the Honda NSX GT3.
    - Fixed flipped mirror reflection in the Mclaren 650S GT3
    - Fixed car position offsets in the showroom.

    - Fixed preset for Fanatec Podium DD wheels.
    - Fixed various presets with wrong steer rotation values.
    - Fixed incorrect maximum opponent count in championship.
    - Removed incorrect texts mentioning early access from the user interface.
    - Fixed navigation in Setup page.
    - Fixed navigation in Main menu page.

    - Increased AI minimum distance during formation laps

    - Fixed bass frequencies/LFE not redirected/working properly for some cars.
    - Fixed gearbox compressor sound plays on some cars that don't have it.
    - Minor audio tweaks.
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    So I have this in my library, but it continues to be on the back burner as rally games continue to consume most of my gaming time. I intend to get around to playing it eventually, though. Has the career mode been substantially improved? Does it at least keep track of championship points standings now?

    Sorry, I'm too lazy to pick through all the patch notes, so I thought I'd just ask in hopes that someone will take pity on me.