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    I don't know if is too late to implement something like this, but here's my 2 cents.

    Since this game is so community oriented, the community helped with the funding of this game. I think we could help SMS in adding more cars. I'm thinking about a system similar to the one they used to fund this game, but this time to get more licenses.

    The system should be something like this:

    The community collects an x amount of money to afford the license and cover the expenses of development. If the vehicle doesn't reach the amount of money necessary to fund, the community doesn't get charged(like kickstarter). So there shouldn't be any risks of not getting anything for your money. Otherwise, If the car gets funded then the supporters get the car at no extra cost, and after some cars get funded, release a DLC of 4-5 cars for the public.

    Obviously I don't know what's necessary to create a new car from zero(in time or resources) , nor how much money is needed to buy a license. Also, can't tell if this idea was considered at the WMD forums. But hopefully we'll get some info about that.
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    If PCars has sold as well as I have read it has, then SMS may now be in a financial position to chase some of these licences if they so desire.
    I like your thinking on this, though I don't know how viable it would be. Hopefully it is not necessary.
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