Cars that made you go 'wow'

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 5' started by Ryan81, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. Ryan81


    The single most car in F5 for me was the Alfa SZ. Probably because it was a car I only ever saw once in my life around 25 years ago while travelling through Europe on the autobahn with my family although it had Belgium plates rather than German. Just whizzed by us at 120+. Never forgot it....
  2. Im_Lukas


    In terms of appearance the Alfa Giulia GTA, although it has that effect for me in any game. In my opinion the best looking car ever made with not many others even coming close, although the Shelby Daytona and Lancia Fulvia are quite nice.

    In terms of performance however my amazement is usually down to expecting a car to be a complete flop and then discovering it has serious potential.

    The Chevrolet Chevelle SS-396(?) not the 454 turned out to be a great C class lobby car, it could handle reasonably well in corners and then powered by (almost) everything down straights, this car is easily my most driven in FM5 now.

    The one thing the Chevelle wouldn't power by was the Jeep SRT8 (don't worry no crashing here :lol:) in RWD which I originally tried to handicap myself for better racing with a friend but it turned out to work the other way once I got used to the handling, I enjoyed how even the most unusual cars could still compete reasonably well in this game, I hope it's similar in FM6 as I already have my eye on a few perfect racing machines.

    Then there's the Formula E in A class which I don't recall ever seeing anyone using except myself and my friend, as long as you could survive the first corner carnage and the track had a reasonable amount of turns you were pretty much guaranteed to win, and the best thing about this car was working with a friend to slipstream each other to reduce the amount of time lost on straights.​