Casual Single Race vs Any Country (Future racing series)

El Salvador
San Salvador
Hi, as the title says me and a couple of friends we are trying to organize a single race against anyone who wants to represent their country, for example USA vs El Salvador (my country btw) or Germany vs El salvador, etc.
We are thinking on a 6 player race (3 for each country) just for exhibition purposes and if it goes well we can try to make another one with 12 players race (3 racers per country). The idea is to make it as fun as possible but serious at the same time (aka clean race) it can be any level driver even aliens haha xD

Please be free to comment and/or suggest some ideas/changes to make it more dynamic and joyfull, send me DM if you're interested or add me on steam: Pimpizzle

We have a Facebook group if you want to join us there and set the time and place for the race

Hope you guys join us, represent your country and feel free to message me :D !

Race Rules:
-Car class: GT3 (can be changed on each series)
-Track: to be decided
-Laps: 6 to 8 (depends on the track lenght)
-Default Setup YES
-ABS, TCS, etc. YES
-Weather: Clear
-Qualify: 10 minutes
-Damage: Real
-Fuel and tyres: OFF