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    Because of Project CARS' newest DLC Pack, CCR will be doing a one-off night which is in conjunction with CCR's usual races using one of the cars available. But as it isn't in-keeping with our current race style it will be posted here in the Single Races instead. We will be doing two races during the night, both will be around 30 to 35 minutes long and will give people the chance to race in both P1 and P2 classifications.

    The Way It'll Work

    Two classes will be available to join during the night and you will change classes half way through the night for the start of Race Two. So if you complete Race One in the P1 class, you will be doing the Race Two in the P2 Class. This is so we can give each person a chance in the faster Prototype cars but not have to worry about large grids of the same class. Plus, it gives everyone the opportunity to race in traffic when overtaking the slower class for a bit of extra fun and challenge. As well as the fact it stops there being five Audi R18's on track at one time.

    The Cars

    Because of the new Audi R18 e-Tron Quattro being added to the game, we will be restricting the amount of cars used to allow for a diverse grid. We will be allowing a maximum of Three Audi R18's in one race. So, if you want to use the R18 e-Tron but you're the fourth car in Race One then don't fret, you can use it in Race Two when we swap classes! :D

    When booking cars, please state the car and which race you will be each one in. Livery choice is up to you for if you want to share it with others on here to try and get it for yourself.

    I will give my example of how to book your cars in the lower post. The cars I have picked will be what I am using during the races so you can see what to do.

    Allowed Cars


    -Audi R18 e-Tron Quattro
    -RWD P30 LMP1

    -Alpine A450
    -Nissan 03 Oreca
    -RWD P20 LMP2

    Six Cars are allocated for each class, making a total of 12 cars on the grid. Please book your cars for both Race One and Race Two below. I will make a second post where I will be adding the Drivers and their cars.

    The Tracks

    Race One
    -Spa-Francorchamps: 15 Laps

    Race Two
    -Circuit De La Sarthe (Le Mans): 10 Laps

    The Date

    The date for this is of yet undecided but will more than likely be on a Wednesday, either the 5th, 12th or 19th of August, depending on how many are looking to attend. I will update the post when I have arranged it with other CCR Members!


    20:00 UK Time: Lobby Open
    20:10 UK Time: Practice Start (Track 1)
    20:40 UK Time: Qualifying (Track 1)
    20:55 UK Time: Race 1 (Track 1)
    Class Switch
    21:30 UK Time: Practice Start (Track 2)
    22:00 UK Time: Qualifying (Track 2)
    22:15 UK Time: Race 2 (Track 2)
    23:00 UK Time: Lobby Closure

    There will be NO AI Drivers in this race so we need a good attendance to make for a good race!

    Our Race Rules
    • Race Cleanly and Fairly at all times.
    • Overtake Responsibly - i.e no dive bombing or brake checking.
    • Please try not to rage quit from a race if you crash out.
    • Take care rejoining track if you spin, crash or exiting pits.
    • No flashing lights to intimidate. You can however have lights ON or OFF or to gain a slower car's attention when lapping.
    • If you choose to leave the race because of an incident then please Retire To Pits instead of leaving the lobby.

    If you're looking to join then please send a Friend Request to CorsairBadger

    Please check out our GT Planet Page at the following link if you're looking for a casual group to join:

    If you have any questions then please ask them below and I shall try to answer as best as possible. :D
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    Car Selection

    Car selection will be shown below so please keep track of what is used and when so you can choose your cars around it to get your favourites! :D

    Race One

    CorsairBadger: Nissan 03 Oreca (Number 13)

    Race Two

    CorsairBadger: Audi R18 e-Tron Quattro (Number 2)
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