Challenge: BP Kraft Apex Trueno GT vs GT-One '99 et al @ GTAS Red Rock Raceway (Gran Turismo 2)

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Has anyone beaten the GT-One '99 driving the BP Kraft Apex Trueno GT in the GT 2 GT All-Stars Red Rock Raceway event?

I just did and am curious if others have too. If not, I suggest the interesting BP Trueno GT vs GT-One @ GTAS Red Rock challenge to beat the superior GT-One '99 to the checkered flag using the relatively underpowered BP Kraft Apex Trueno GT.

It took me a few tries to to beat vehicles including the GT40, Team Oreca Viper GTS-R, R390, XJ220 and the Atlantique but defeating the GT-One (a car which many consider exceptional and for good reason) is even more challenging as the 358 HP Apex Trueno GT engine doesn't really generate GT-One-destroying power. But the clever Trueno GT driver finds a way.

I'm not sure if beating GTAS Red Rock with the BP Trueno GT is a thing or not, but for me it was a fun challenge and, again, I am curious if anyone has successfully taken first place VS a GT-One '99 using the BP Trueno GT during the Gran Turismo All-Stars Red Rock Raceway event. Or even two GT-Ones? This event will start you out using the less-challenging Red Rock racers like the AJ220 but after you beat the contenders it'll give you a GT40 race after which, assuming you destroyed the GT40, a race featuring the GT-One '99 will soon appear.

Related query: Which is the lowest-HP vehicle you've used to take 1st Place in a challenging event?

My BP Kraft Apex Trueno GT Bests the GT-One 99" @ GTAS Red Rock Raceway by a tiny margin...

Gran T 2 Apex Kraft Trueno GT WIN vs GT-One 99 et al @ GTAS Red Rock Raceway  2023-03-10 7.29....png
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