Change FOV after 2.12

I heard you can set a wider FOV in GT5 by using the multi-monitor method. Apparently people who are still in 2.11 can use this method, but 2.12 and beyond cannot. Is it still possible to get higher FOV without the secret menu and extra monitors? If not then I am done, I always getting headaches when games presents you with low FOV, especially with shooters and cockpit racing. In my opinion adjusting FOV is a preference not an advantage. Many PC users would agree playing games with a monitor is quite annoying without a FOV adjustor, I am currently using a 21" BENQ gaming monitor with the PS3 and cannot do anything with the FOV now.

GT5 does look more prettier with a proper FOV but it is unobtainable.
I'm jealous of 2.11 people now :grumpy:

PS: I am in 2.13.
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United States
Yes it is possible.

I'm in 2.13 and I got the FoV set to 70%. In fact, they removed the options in 2.12, but you can get the old options when you get the secret menu, that's available in some apps for gt5 that are on the net. I'm gonna send you a PM explainig how.
I don't see why you hold back from activating the secret menu. Yes it's against the ToS of PSN but if it's either a little rule break or no GT5 anymore you should just go ahead and get the joy...