Cheverolet Camaro LM Race Car

Discussion in 'GT5 General Questions' started by cornel, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. cornel


    I need a race car, and this car: Cheverolet Camaro LM Race Car is one the used dealership now!

    It costs cr. 1,975,740

    Should i go for it, or is there any better car out there?
    There is no info about the displacement, max power, max torue.

    it's weight is 1160kg, maybe this is to heavy? or can i lighten the car laiter maybe....
  2. Acheron79


    Buy a Corvette ZR1 and get the race modification. will save money and have a better car.
  3. Senna52


    And it will be a premium. Seriously though, the ZR-1 with RM and full tuning is an incredible car.
  4. MidianGTX


    You're telling me. I almost wanted to dislike the 'Vettes in this game, but as soon as I slapped some soft racing tyres on that thing it completely won me over. Fantastic car.
  5. Senna52


    Also, the supercharger whine is quite a treat to listen too when you install it.