Clarification: AWD Drifting

Discussion in 'GT5 Drifting' started by niky, Feb 4, 2011.

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  1. niky

    niky Moderator

    This silliness has simply got to stop.

    As set here:

    The opinions of members of GTPlanet are not representative of the opinions of this site, its owner, administrators and moderators.

    Any attempt to issue an official "edict" banning discussion of non-RWD drifting or even the use of the term "drifting" in relation to non-RWD cars will similarly be met with a lock.

    We are not telling you to unrestrict your lobbies.

    We are not telling you to accept non-RWD drifters into your teams.

    We are telling you that this subforum is open to one and all who wish to discuss "drifting" in GT5, whatever their drivetrain orientation. Any arguments of what constitutes "drifting" should be kept specifically within the pre-existing discussions regarding drivetrain choice.

    Thank you.
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  2. prisonermonkeys

    prisonermonkeys Premium

    On that note, I think it should be said that if this kind of behaviour continues - particularly if you are marginalising the opinions of others - then we will simply cut our losses and close the entire subforum. And no, you won't be getting it back. It's true that the moderators do not frequent this subforum as much as we might the others, but now that I'm aware of the problems festering away beneath the surface, I'm going to pay particular attention to this subforum and cleaning it out.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.