Clean Racers Wanted in pCars PS4

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We're looking for ten or so good drivers to join up and hang out and race whenever and in whatever competitions or shootouts or what have you, competely open to your discretion/suggestions, daily/nightly and throughout the week. I'm on all the time myself (PS4; PSNH CivilSavage a.k.a. the "lobby nazi") and I am tired of babysitting races and kicking dip*&^/#! Who belong in nfs or better yet, rocketleague or mariokart. I try not to take it so seriously but I just want clean races as much as possible (no deliberate anything) so am appealing here.

Those with sexual or other low brow handles or generally dumbass (usually bodily function oriented or something stupid, uncreative and juvenile or reefer related...zZzZz...) handles need not apply. I sound like an A*&^/hole because I can be (hello...lobby nazi?? Yah, I dubbed myself that because I put up with very little except understandable config/tuning errors because I'm no damn genius either, or race conditions) but at the same time I let a lot slide because I'm well aware I am in fact an a*&/#hole and don't care about language or crassness of some depraved depth I just generally know crass and or bodily function handles tend to be sh*** drivers who ruin it for everyone else from the start stop so I just cut to the chase. Also those driving with controllers who can't keep a car (the superv8s are a challenge I'll give you that and I usually run them without aids as everything else except GT3s) in a straight line on a straightaway...stay away.

Thanks. hope to see you online. I really am working on the whole ahole thing.
Heheheh you seem like a nice fellow :D are you doing any racing on saturdays around 13-15 a clock CET??? Me and my friend have been racing on saturdays and it's getting bit boring for it's been just us two.. for the reasons you stated above :D heheh so yeah, is saturday 13-15 CET something that would work for you? And yeah, we race with no aids and keep it as clean as possible, of course... So far we used stock tune to keep racing as close as possible and many cars seem to work well enough so fiddling with tune is something we're no customed to do but I guess we can work on that if necessary...

And yeah, we're no "aliens" but we still can keep the car on the racing line pretty well :D

So yeah, let me know and I'll get back to it :) 👍
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add me Im involved in the online racing community and always looking for more people to race with. Trey8989