CLOSED: CCCL Competition: Week 130

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Further explanation of the theme, as described by Kodje:

"In September 2012, Loeb announced his retirement from full-time rallying, stating that he would
compete only in selected events during the 2013 season. German magazine Auto Bild dubbed
Loeb "the best rally driver of all time and a shining light in motorsport." I'm not a big fan of this
kind of pompus title but we must admit that he has a more than impressive record of achievements...
He has left no place to any opponant in the WRC during almost 10 years, a whole generation.
It's a shame GT5 doesn't offer us a better rally mode but we have some rally cars, some track
and some skilled photo-members. So I just want a tribute shot to this champion and his sport.
Take the C4 WRC, go to Eiger and take the best rally shot you can, be a photomode "shinning light" ;)"

CAR: Citroën C4 WRC '08.
LOCATION: Eiger Nordwand Track K Trail.


Please, ensure you read and understand all requirements for this competition. Failure to follow
the rules may result in disqualification. If you have any questions, please, send me a Private Message.
This Thread has everything you need to know.
  • There must be at least some detail of the background (location) visible in the picture that
    can later be identified to be part of the location specified in the theme. If the location is
    not immediately clear from the picture you must provide the exact location if it's queried.
  • Only one entry per user allowed. It must be that user's own work and never used in another
  • Do not ask other members to choose your entry.
  • Entry post must be marked with a FINAL ENTRY text.
  • Entries may only be changed once and it must be indicated clearly.
  • Entries must be posted in either thumbnail or a preview. We recommend you to link either
    to it's full size.
  • Posts containing bigger previews than allowed, full sizes or links only will be ignored.
  • Previews should not exceed the limit of 500px in either direction and have any effect not present
    in the original image.
  • It's recommended the usage of a free image hosting service, such as ImageShack, Photobucket
    or Flickr.
  • If you want your entry to have a link to your full sized image in the poll, make your preview
    a link to the full sized photo.
  • Only the Judge's favourite 15 entries will get through to the poll.
  • Keep in mind that the Host of this competition may ask for the original image and it must
    be submitted if so.

    It's recommended to store the original image (from the USB stick) until competition week ends.

What you may not to do a photo:
  • Alter the geometry of the car. No stickers, or body modifications not available in game.
  • Add shapes or objects from outside of GT5, signatures excepted.
  • Add reflections to the road or any other surface.
  • Remove items from shot (scenery, other cars).
  • Use more than 1 image (HDR, photo-stitching, multi-exposure).
  • Add effects that make the picture look something other than a photograph.
  • "Creative cropping". The main "image" must be four-sided, with 90-degree, upright corners.
  • Selective car colour changing: masking different parts to create racing stripes or similar.
What you may do to a photo:
  • Crop and/or resize an image.
  • Adjust the level or curve values.
  • Alter the colour tone of the image (gradient maps, photo filters, colour balance, etc).
  • Car body colour change (all stickers/design features must remain).
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, exposure, shadow/highlights.
  • Enhance shadows or highlights (dodge and burn tools in Photoshop, for example).
  • Add noise and/or diffuse glow.
  • Add a post-game tilt-shift blur, or apply a motion blur to a stationary Photo Travel shot.
  • Make use of Layer Blend Modes.
  • Use a Sharpening filter and/or tool.
  • Scale or enlarge rims.
  • Remove or modify license plates.
  • Remove the GT watermark.
  • Add a personal signature.
  • Clean up or fix jaggies, texture pixelation, or colour separation.
  • Add a vignette effect.


Monday 09.09.13

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Well, Loeb is an amazing driver, I mean incredibly amazing... :bowdown:


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What a magnificent start!
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Final Entry

Great pictures everyone, looking forward to a great competition! :)
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I will close the competition in an hour from now approximately. If there are some last minute entries...
** Competition Closed **

13 entries, so everyone make the poll (and I don't have to choose :P )​
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