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THEME: UEFA Champions League 15/16

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This week's theme in detail, brought to you by last week's winner, ShadowPeter:

"The UEFA Champions League is a european football competition where the best (European) teams belong, such as FC Barcelona, Chelsea, Bayern Münich, Real Madrid... But anyway, I want any photo with any car based in any main equipment (Home kit) of these 32 clubs (who are all in the competition this season (15/16)):

Real Madrid: All white
Paris Saint-Germain: Blue Dark and Red Stripe
Shakhtar Donetsk: Orange and Black Stripes
Malmö: Blue celeste/ white shorts
PSV Eindhoven: Red and white stripes/ Black Shorts
Manchester United: Red/ White Shorts
CSKA Moskva: Red/ Blue Dark Shorts
VfL Wolfsburg: Green, White and Blue Stripes (or you can use only Green and White)
SL Benfica: Red/ White shorts
Atlético Madrid: Red and White Stripes/ Blue Shorts
Galatasaray: Red and Orange
Astana: Yellow/ Blue Celeste Stripes
Juventus: White/ Black Strips/ White Shorts
Manchester City: Blue celeste/ White Shorts
Sevilla: White/ Red Strip/ White Shorts
Borussia Monchengladbach: White/ Black and Green stripe
FC Barcelona: Dark Red and Bark Blue Stripes/ Dark Blue Shorts
Bayer Leverkusen: Black and Red Strips/ Black Shorts
AS Roma: Dark Red/ White Shorts
BATE Borisov: Yellow/ Blue Stripes
Bayern Münich: Red/ Dark Red Stripes
Arsenal: Bright Red/ White Stripes
Olympiacos: Red and White Stripes/ White Shorts
Dinamo Zagreb: All Blue
Chelsea: All Blue
FC Porto: Blue and White stripes/ White Shorts
Dinamo Kyev: White/ Blue Stripes
Maccabi Tel-Aviv: Yellow and Blue Stripe
Zenit: All Blue celeste
Valencia: White/ Black Shorts
Olympique Lyonnais: White/ Blue and Red Stripe
Gent: Blue and Blue Celeste Stripes

Note: See the main equipments of this clubs, before you do something wrong!

Any questions, just ask me. :)

CARS: Only the cars we can edit the color of the Bodywork. (Note: you can paint the rims)
LOCATIONS: Red Bull Ring, Brands Hatch, Goodwood, Silverstone, Monza, SPA, Circuit de la Sarthe, Nürburgring, Circuit de la Sierra, Matterhorn, Eiger, London, Circuit de Madrid, Cote d'Azur, Circuit di Roma, Toscana, Chamonix, Ronda, Siracusa, Gemasolar and City of Arts and Sciences


Please, ensure you read and understand all requirements for this competition. Failure to follow
the rules may result in disqualification. If you have questions, send me a Private Message.
  • Do not vote for your own entry.
  • Do not try to sway the poll.
  • In the event of a tie, a 24 hour poll is created.
  • In the event of a second tie or a tie in the final H2H poll, Judge's vote is the deciding factor.
  • Please, view each image in it's full size, before voting.
  • Poll consists of the Judge's favourite 20 images. For H2H weeks, 10 per poll.


Make sure you have reviewed this section before placing your vote in the poll. No user may vote for their own submission; this will result in disqualification.

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