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THEME: Powersliding

Poll closed Mar 6, 2018.
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  1. SlipZtrEm

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    FM7 PMC 08 Winner: @zaxs - (click for full-size)

    This Week's Theme

    We're getting educational this week! Zaxs explains why this week's theme is powersliding — not drifting:

    "There are various driving techniques and styles. One of them includes powerslide — it's not a drift or I want to see it. You need natural momentum to start it after turn in and requires your momentum and power to get the back out."

    CARS: Any
    UNIQUE RESTRICTIONS: See above; powersliding is using the power to alter the car's angle post-apex.

    Competition Rules

    Please, ensure you read and understand all requirements for this poll. Failure to follow the rules may result in disqualification. If you have questions, start a convo with me.
    • The only way you can take part is to be a member of the GTPlanet forums. If you haven't created your account yet, click here.
    • Do not vote for your own entry.
    • Do not try to sway the poll.
    • Please, view each image in its full size, before voting.
    • In the event of a tie, a 24H tiebreaker poll will be posted. All contestants in the tiebreaker are asked to vote; if one person doesn't, all other contestants votes won't count.
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    March 6, 2018
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