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We all like playing Gran Turismo Sport for hours non-stop. This series is a big challenge for those people who want to try different races. They will be monthly endurance races, 4h, 6h, 8h and 24h races (of course we'll do driver swaps). Here's all the infos!
Everything is TBA, vote on the poll the best category for you. I'll edit this spoiler when class is decided.
So, humans can't stay in front of a screen for too many hours (lol) so we will have to swap drivers (more informations on next spoiler) Every team must have 3 drivers, I suggest every team to have a driver from a different continent, so when the others are sleeping, one is still awake. Every driver must use the same car and use the same livery. About the livery, go mad, but you mustn't use the stock livery and you must have real sponsors.
  • Team 1: @ , @ and @
  • Team 2: @ , @ and @
  • Team 3: @ , @ and @
  • Team 4:
  • Team 5:
  • Team 6:
  • Team 7:
  • Team 8:
  • Team 9:
  • Team 10:
  • Team 11:
  • Team 12:
  • Team 13:
  • Team 14:
  • Team 15:
  • Team 16:
Unfortunately GT Sport doesn't allow you to swap drivers but we have an idea. We will do races in Practice Mode. There really isn't a way to know where everyone is, but we have to deal with it. So that's how it works:
The driver who is tired must tell the others two of his team to swap with him. If they can switch with him, he must go into the pits and his teammate must join the lobby. If we get 16 teams (full grid) the driver who went into the pits has to quit the lobby, too. The drivers swap mustn't take more than an hour, or it will result in a Drive Through Penalty. If the drivers swap takes more than three hours, it will result in a DNF for the team.
This calendar is inspired by the WEC calendar. All times shown in EST. All the races on Sundays.
  1. 4 Hours of Catalunya - 9th November - 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  2. 6 Hours of Fuji - 15th December - 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  3. 4 Hours of Monza - 11th January - 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  4. 8 Hours of Nurbugring - 1st February - 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.
  5. 6 Hours of Interlagos - 1st March - 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  6. 8 Hours of Big Willow - 5th April - 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  7. 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps - 3th May - 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  8. 24 Hours of Le Mans - TBA
At the start of the day, drivers will have to do a 10 minutes qualifying and then, after it's finished, they have to exit again from the pits and do a formation lap. The polesitter will be ahead, the second behind and so on. There mustn't be one or two teammates on the track with you, or it will to result in a DNF for the team. You don't have to record your race, but you have to record a little clip when you're about to enter in the pits, stop the car and quit. I need that to give penalties.

That's all from now, I hope it won't be a mess with the positions because we're playing in practice mode.

Drivers List
  1. @RappyThePro
  2. @
  3. @
  4. @
  5. @
  6. @
  7. @
  8. @
  9. @
  10. @
  11. @
  12. @
  13. @
  14. @
  15. @
  16. @
  17. @
  18. @
  19. @
  20. @
  21. @
  22. @
  23. @
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Also requesting to no longer be tagged.


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I don't have any interest in Endurance leagues. I appreciate for remembering me and wish you good luck with the league.


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Unfortunately, this looks way to ambitious for a GT Sport League. Not interested. Sorry.
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After viewing the thread again I realised not just that the interest isn't big, but also that it's close to impossible to do these races on Gran Turismo Sport. I think the only way is to do it on iRacing, which I'll buy when I get a good PC. Impossible to do it on PS4. No further replies.