College Football: 2024 Season

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On a stormy night in Houston, Texas at NRG Stadium on January 8, 2024; the University of Michigan saw themselves atop the NCAA FBS mountain over the University of Washington. Those going from High School to college are ready to make their presence felt. Transfer protocol rattles the brains of many a college and a university in America. Also at times, college students might make a dollar or two through NIL (name-image-likeness). No matter what you think about the modern landscape of college football, college football remains all kinds of awesome. So once again on GTPlanet, I welcome you to a new season of college football. Who will be the best teams? The best players? The finest coaches? All questions will be answered once college football operates in full anger.

Here is a look back the 2023 champions, who are the defending champions of their categories:

--- College Football: 2023 Season Champions ---
NCAA FBS: Michigan
NCAA FCS: South Dakota State
NCAA D2: Harding
NCAA D3: SUNY-Cortland
NAIA FCS: Keiser (FL)
NJCAA DI: Iowa Western
NCFA: Central Georgia Technical College

Let's talk about the 2024 season here! Anything ranging from recruits, coaching changes, and the like are fair game here. Anything from preseason to the Championship games are fair game here also. So GO!
This kid is young, but I’ve been listening to him for a while now, and he has some pretty good takes.

and he did a good vid on my beloved Wildcats. It’s good to see some kids doing the right thing for a change

** The NIL system and transfer portal needs a major ***ing overhaul!! *
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I always said an 8-team playoff would be perfect for college football on the NCAA FBS level. I think this 12-team model will work quite well. This may prevent some of the whining teams may have about not being good enough to play for a National Championship. If you were to use last season's end of regular season standings, Florida State would have the 5th seed. Georgia would be in the National Championship picture as well from last season's standings.

Of course, the mentioning of extra schools being able to play for a National Championship offers the possibility of upstarts breaking up the big school party. For example, let's say Boise State or Omnis' Florida Atlantic Owls have a season great enough that they crack the 5-12 ranks. They will have as best a chance to play for a National Championship as most of the power schools. Alternatively, let's say some upstarts from the power conferences have a season to where they deserve to be in the realm of 1-12. Like, if Houston finishes the regular season 10th or if schools like Rutgers or Arizona get into the Top 12. They too can spoil the big school party with a few upsets. I like an eight-team playoff to choose the definitive Championship contenders. However, the 12-team format gives more opportunities as well as let some upstarts have a chance to make postseason noise. Almost like letting mid-majors try to take down bigger schools like in the NCAA basketball tournaments.

There is one note I'd like to share about this new 5+7 format. If Notre Dame has an amazing season, the highest seed they can get is 5th, since Notre Dame is an Independent. So with this new format, Notre Dame would not get a first-round bye should they be anywhere between a 5-seed and a 12-seed. The Fighting Irish will have to do a little work to extend their championship run should they get there.
This weekend will mark a lot of Spring games to be aired on TV. This will be a chance to get your Spring football fix unless you don't care about the UFL. Check your local listings to see what Spring Games will be aired on TV this weekend.

The defending National Champion University of Michigan has been hit by the NCAA with three years probation for recruiting violations. These violations occurred during the COVID-19/Coronavirus dead period under former Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh. Exact penalties have not yet been determined as of right now. All we know is that the NCAA dropped the hammer on U. of Michigan football today.

Stay tuned for more on this developing story.