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Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by wiithepeople, May 15, 2013.

  1. wiithepeople

    United States Indiana

    Has anyone ever noticed anyone using a car called "Color Car Sample" online before? I'm currently in a Japanese Mt. Aso lobby right now watching it go around. It looks like the spinning car thing in GT Auto when you paint your car and apparently you can drive it in this game.
  2. roflcoptor

    United Kingdom Blackburn, Lancashire, UK

    Yes. I made one, used it for a couple of times, then got bored of it.


  3. E46fanatic937


    Its a guy who got into the hidden menu of GT5 and the color sample pallette is available as driveable vehicle.Its pretty common and been done plenty by modder/hack/exploit community.
  4. Lock2Lock


    I didn't know you could still use it. It is pretty funny looking
  5. moolett


    Have you still got it? Can you trade please? :)
  6. Firehound427


    I saw one on an SSRX lobby once, and when I saw it I commented at the hackers had completely broken the game. The next day, the 2.12 patch blew the hacks away (temporarily).
  7. Doodle

    United States Maryland

    I had a 'Wheel Color Sample' car, but I deleted it before the update.
  8. jgancherjr

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    I have the secret menu available to me but I do not see anywhere to make this car available? As it is not hacking to open it via a menu, can someone tell me how to make it available? It would be an epic drive around NuR :D ..

    EDIT: never mind got it from a friend :tup:
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  9. Veyronrt

    United States U.S.A

    I still have the wheel color sample. Its funny hearing peoples reactions when i pull it out.