Connection problems?

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United States
United States
Is anyone having problems staying connected to the GT7 server today? All I can do is one race before I get booted offline. The other functions of the game are working very slow, if at all. I can't even change wheels or edit a livery. I've done the usual things like clearing network data, rebooting GT7, resetting my router, to no avail. I'm in California, if that matters.

I'm concerned because after the update last week the game started acting up, with some features randomly not working. This is the same way my old PS4 acted with GTSport, and after several months it quit completely. Same with GT6-the Tomahawk update killed my PS3.

I'm on a PS4 slim, get between 35 and 45gb download on a wireless connection (which has never been a problem before) GTSport is the only other game, along with the usual apps like netflix amazon disney etc.

Is it possible the update data was corrupt, or the installation bad? I may not have the terms correct, but I think the idea comes across.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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