Considering a Motorbike, Maybe.

Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by Casio, Mar 24, 2010.

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    Ok, first up I'll just say I've never ridden a motorbike before.

    Basically, the scenario is, due to my idiotic workplace selling 4 times as many parking permits as car parks, and my 10am starting time, it's literally impossible to get a car park near at my work. So I usually park about 1km away and walk.

    However, Motorbikes can park wherever they want for free (Rather than the $400 a year I pay for a permit to not get a car park).

    I live 6km away from my workplace, and exactly 4 right angle turns. No sweeping wet, slippery corners for me here. That's basically all I can see myself using it for at this stage. Though I am thinking, if in a couple of years I get a job in the city then a Motorbike will be more convenient for that too.

    While technically minded, I'm not the type to be ripping apart engines to clean carbs on weekends. I just want to put fuel in it and go.

    I don't care about speed at all, the highest speed limit I go on on the way to work is 60km/h.

    If I got something? What would I be looking at? I've been somewhat looking at the Honda CBR125R because it's cheap and newish. I can pick up this one for only $2,700. But ideally, I'd be thinking even cheaper, though if it was worth spending a little more to make life easier then I may. Should I be looking at something completely different? Obviously I still need to get a license and things, though the cost of that is not that much in comparison to the hardware.
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    You could consider a Honda CG125, it's more of a commuter style bike so it may not suit your tastes but it basically has the same motor as a CBR125 both of which are known for being reliable but the CG is known for covering some real distance cheaply and without a problem. The CG is also probably cheaper to buy.
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    You can't go wrong with a Honda, I started out on a 1980 Honda 250N Superdream which saw me through many years and British winters of commuting until I got a 98 Suzuki Bandit 600 which did the same until I got a company car.

    Whilst I'm a dyed in the wool biker (on sabbaticle!) and would always say go for the fastest/funnest bike you can afford it sounds like you're not too bothered about using it for fun and just want a practicle commuter tool so have you considered a scooter? They are just as quick as a bike in urban areas and much more practical due to pretty decent under seat storage and better weather protection although that may not be an issue for you living in Austalia (jealous :grump:)

    Just make sure you get you full licence now so you don't have to display L plates and you can upgrade to a proper bike when you want. Saying that I'm not sure what the learner laws are there.
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    60km/h for 6km = that is for me indeed 125 or scooter terrain and is possible in almost any weather (always be careful when it is snowing, but seems irrelevant for your location)

    Even with these, check to get proper clothing (budget it in straight away).
    Shoes, trousers, jacket, gloves and helmet. In my experience there is no way around them unless you are in for self inflicted corporate damage.

    I agree with evilneal, be prepared to love the kick and go out for fun afterwards, wanting just a bit more.
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    Bike are higher maintenance than cars. You won't have to be tearing it down every week, but oil changes are more frequent, the chain's got to stay clean and lubed, never assume tires are up to pressure. Just keep in mind that they aren't they turnkey appliances that modern cars have become.
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    Thanks for all the advice guys. Given me a good place to start.