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  1. Larix


    Hey guys, this is my first post so a big hello to everyone! I need some help. I switched to pro physics last week and have committed to stick with it. The problem I am having is throttle control when exiting corners. Im using the controller, and I really cant get good control over the throttle when using the buttons (x,o) for throttle. So I started with a new layout in hopes of getting better control. It is as follows:
    throttle: R2
    brake: x
    shift up: triangle
    shift down: L1

    Im getting used to it a bit, and I feel like I do have better throttle control.
    Has anyone else had this problem. If so how did you map the controller configuration to help?
  2. Duke

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    When I used a controller, I always used the right analog stick for gas/brake. I couldn't "left foot" brake in that configuration, but it gave me much better control over inputs.
  3. clacksman


    I used R2 throttle/L2 brake for a long time. I haven't used plain buttons for throttle or brake since before I got a Dual Shock back when GT1 was current.
    After a slight injury mid-late last year, I switched throttle to right-stick-forward and immediately sped up. The analog stick is much better than R2 for throttle control due to how the throttle progression is mapped by PD, they have it very sensitive near full throttle which will limit your smoothness unless you are VERY good with R2 (there's a thread about this here).

    Here's what I used with decent effectiveness before I got a G25:
    L2 - brake
    L1/R1 - shift down/up
    R2/right-stick-forward - throttle (R2 kept for throttle so I could press it against my leg and stretch my right hand on straights)
    left stick - steer
    L3 - ghost
    triangle - view change
    X - rear view
    square/circle - look left/right (infrequently used after switching to stick throttle as I was short of fingers)
    select - RA menu on/off
    D-pad - RA menu select/adjust
    reverse - right stick backwards
    no ebrake
  4. Larix


    Hey guys thanks for the tips, but I think im coming to the realization that if I want great throttle and brake control that I need to step it up to the G27. Every time I switch my button configuration I have to go through a whole new process of getting used to it. I think its G27 time!
  5. Talon


    Yes it is, you will NEVER regret buying a G27. The quality is amazing, and it makes everything in the game a million times better. Go for it, and never look back. :cheers:
  6. Larix


    Thanks it always helps to have someone nudge you along when your on the fence about dropping 500$ on a G27 and wheelstand pro!!
  7. Turbo-Kai


    From the very beginning i played gt1-4 with buttons and "automatic" shifiting... :-)
    For GT5P I switched the first time to manual shifiting just to be a more MANLIER!...LOL
    I guess for me it is too late to go for the shoulder buttons (L1+2 R1+2) my current setup:

    throttle: X
    brake: []
    shift down: ^
    sift up: R2
    steering: left stick

    with this setup i made a 2'00:664 on the "current time trial suzuka 750"...(place 311 yesterday)

    not the badest time for pad i guess...

    for GT5 i'll stick to pad for the beginning...maby a g25/g27 will follows later...but not sure about it...

    C U on the track!
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  8. HenGTX


    I am probably one of the last people who is steering with the D-pad.

    For the rest
    X - Throttle
    Square - Brake
    Triangle - Reserve
    O - Handbrake
    L1 - Shift Up
    R1 - Shift Down