Conversion of U to J codes - gearbox

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  1. michaelchan21


    Will someone please convert the following to (J) format, thanks!

    GT2 (U)(1.2)
    "1st car mod\7-speed gearbox
    801CD570 0669
    801CD59E 0AE1
    801CD5A0 0776
    801CD5A2 057D
    801CD5A4 0426
    801CD5A6 034B
    801CD5A8 02B3
    801CD5AA 0248
    801CD5AC 1393

    I tried following codes so many times but they didn't work.
    801CD9D0 0669
    801CD9FE 0ACE
    801CDA00 0776
    801CDA02 057D
    801CDA04 0426
    801CDA06 034B
    801CDA08 02B3
    801CDA0A 0248
    801CDA0C 1393