Cool Wall: 1993-2004 Alfa Romeo GTV/Spider

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1993-2004 Alfa Romeo GTV/Spider

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United States
United States
Poll 1444: 1993-2004 Alfa Romeo GTV/Spider nominated by @Neddo

Body Style: 2 door coupe and roadster
Engine: 1.8l-2.0l Twin Spark I4, 2.0l JTS I4, 2.0l Alfa Romeo Turbo V6, 3.0l 12v V6, 3.0l-3.2l 24v V6
Power: 142-237 HP
Torque: 123-213 lb-ft
Weight: 1350-1470 kg
Transmission: 5-speed manual, 6-speed manual
Drivetrain: FF




United States
United States
I know it's FWD and a bit strange looking, but there's something about these that I love. The strange design probably helps it actually, I like strange Italian designs. Never being sold in America gives it a cool outsider vibe too, I only ever see these around Cars and Coffee time. If I was gonna import something cheap-ish from Europe, this would be on my list (Along with an old Twingo). Low SZ.


United States
Houston, Texas, USA
Few Alfa Romeos are actually gorgeous. To me, Alfa Romeos are beautiful in their own unique way. I've certainly seen this Alfa Romeo GTV/Spider a lot in the likes of "Gran Turismo 2," "Pro Race Driver," and maybe even in "Alfa Romeo Racing Italiano," though I never played "Alfa Romeo Racing Italiano" before. So this car has some kind of significance and appeal. I like to think of the Alfa Romeo GTV as kind of in the same category as the Lotus Elan SE of the early 1990s- a peppy front-wheel drive car worthy of being considered FWD sports cars. Many will argue you can't have sports car fun in a front-wheel drive car. This car and the aforementioned Elan SE would like to have a word with you. This is a car to get into even if you absolutely loathe FWD cars or don't think you can have sports car fun in a FWD car. While I don't love the GTV or think it is overly bonkers, I am calling... you know what? I was going to say strong Cool, but I will go (low) Sub-Zero based on how I described it. I can actually flip-flop between Sub-Zero and Cool, but I call Sub-Zero.


Ferrari Shill
I think the Fiat Coupe is a pretty interesting and cool car, and this to me is a better version of that car, so I'll give it a cool as well. It's not quite enough for a SZ but it's still a pretty interesting and quirky car.
My friend had a 2003 or 2004 2.0 JTS for about 6 months.
One night whilst driving home, he noticed smoke started to seep out of the hood so he pulled over.
It then proceeded to set itself on fire. The flames reached so high up it scorched the tree that he had parked under and melted the rear bumper of a car that was parked in front of him (although separated by a driveway). You can still see the scorch mark on the piece of tarmac he parked on. This happened about 5 years ago.

I've given this a seriously uncool because to be on fire it must be the complete opposite of cool.
The Bronx
Just a Meh. I remember when they came out. I feel the 155, 156, 164, executed the FF Alfa direction much better.
I guess making this car after the SZ were tough shoes to fill, in terms of the Alfa rwd sports car.
Interior is nice though.
Under some Risotto
I prefer the Fiat Coupé in terms of styling, but this is still remembered here and I can't say no to a GTV Cup with that sweet, sweet Busso V6 so it's a low cool for me
New Zealand
New Zealand
Oddly proportioned and that huge diagonal slash is a bit weird. But it still looks great! And then you can get it with the wonderful Busso V6. SZ.